ok this is basically the list i posted previously wich has had some changes based on the advice from the guys that replied to the post the and i have to say its awsome today i drew against my friends VC ressing army led by vlad and streight after i had a massacre against my brothers WOC arhaeon army i no probably hard to believe but it happened.


grimgor ironhide, him and his immortals destroyed a unit of knights or i should say he destroyed a unit of knights with some awsome rolling the turn following this i called a waagh wich was my turn 5 this saw his unit and another unit of boys come out of archaeons charge arc and then charge a unit of 12 warriors wich were anialated squig hoppers were on the flank also at this point.

black warboss, wyvern, shaggas screaming sword, enchanted shield, best boss AT, heavy armour. 446pts
this dude charged his warshrine on a hill beat it in combat it broke right into impassible terrain and died lol. it then went on to beat a unit of marauders wich fled rrraaagh.


night goblin big boss, iron gnashas, martoggs best basha, LA, shield, 79pts, him and his unit released the 2 fanatics on a unit of 10 warriors wich were 12 but lost 2 to bolt throwers and what a mess it made leeving him with 4 warriors and a champ unfortunaltely there was no panic test taken as they were khornedl in his turn he charged i threw nets he issued a challenge i threw my champ at him lol he killed my champ no serprize there, i actually lost the combat by 2, managed to kill one warrior with my big boss 3 rank bonus outnumber and a banner he killed 8 but had no banner in this unit, but passed my break test using grimgors leadership who was just in range, holding up for my turn when i charged a unit of boyz in in his front also and a unit of sav boar boy biguns in the rear annialating the wrest of this unit,

night goblin shaman, lvl 1 , x 2 dispell scrolls, 100pts
didnt do much just sat on a hill with the artillary and put a stop to his casting of wich there wasnt much of as he only had 2 lvl 2s wich i was serprised at as he normally goes magic heavy.

night goblin shaman, lvl1, x 2 dispell scrolls, 100pts done the same as the other shaman


24 orc boyz additional choppas, shields, standard and muso 207pts
didnt get much done other than they helped end a unit of 12 warriors lives with grimgor after the waagh was called,

20 orc boyz, additional choppas, muso and standard, 155pts
supprted the night goblins in there defeating of 12 warroirs.

29 night goblins, spears, netters, x2, fanatics, muso, standard, champ. 221pts
great unit am thinking about bows tho as didnt even use spears opted for the shield hand weapen save think bows would be better hear.

5 spider riders, muso, 76pts
what can i say killed nothing but done there job forcing charges fleeing harrasing etc

5 spider riders, muso, 76 pts same as above


23 black orc, fc, spirit totem, shields. 410pts
what can i say fantastic fun grimgor did most of the killing hear but the champ i used to soak up a challeng by his warrior champ and won thanks to the hatred in the first turn of combat things would have been differant tho i think if he had the charge plus he had GWS on this unit so was saving on just his chaos armour wich was negated by 2 so he needed 6s i chose to use additional choppa for the 3 attacks.

8 squig hoppers, 120pts
destroyed a unit of 5 marauder cavalry in one go over ran into warriors lost combat broke and fled had 4 left but rallyd using grimgors leadership in the next turn and was able to get a big roll on my 3 d6 to see me hit the same unit in the flank wich was the unit grimgor had then charged after the calling of the waagh. great stuff

6 savage orc boar boyz, big uns, spears, shields, standard, muso, banner of butchery, 244pts
now i was tempted to drop these for another giant but was glad i didnt what a great unit they charged a unit of 12 warriors with the giant when they had finnished he needed a double 1 to stay but haha broke i chased them down and the giant over ran into his other chaos lord char on a juggernaut.

3 x spear chukkas, 35pts each,
killed a couple of worriors and 2 knights not great but not useless.


giant, 205pts
helped destroy unit with boar boyz over ran into chaos lord on juggernaut, now this was funny my best roll of the game, his lord was just shy of 4oo points was hard as nails and niy on unkillable and tnx to my giant done nothing the whole game didnt even score a wound basically i rolled my d6 got a 1 wich is the auto win combat by 2 he fled coz i caused terror he caused fear so suffers fear from me i outnuber he auto breaks rolls a 6 i roll higher and job done end of lord lol he wasnt happy

doom diver 80pts
i missed everything lol but at least didnt roll a missfire better luck with this dude next time.

my brother conseeded on his turn 5 as he had only archaeon with 3 knights left in his unit lost 2 to bolt throwers lol, his wizard on a disc some marauders wich were fleeing that he would have rallyed in turn 6 but were to far away to do anything at this point, and thats it, to be honest his deployment was terrible he split his army in two, half left half right archaeon didnt even see any combat as he waisted his turns running behind terrain to avoid artillary fire he then fell for my baiting spider rider unit wich got him all turned around i basically just kept the unit buissy and stayed out of his charge arc didnt even fight him but never mind next time im sure he will just come streight down the middle and run streight threw my greenskins like butter.