Hey guys, I have an unusual request. I'm looking for someone to help me build an army list that would appeal to most players. I want to paint and sell an army on ebay and i'd like to know what someone would be most likely to buy. I have lots of units to choose from, and can even get some more if necessary. I'm asking help because my lists tend to be lopsided and more based on painting interest. Here's what I have to work with:

  • Almost any Orc/Black Orc/Savage Orc Hero and Lord combination, and shamans as well. A little short on goblin heroes, but can make some. Have a goblin and NG shaman. No wyvern, not that it has mass appeal.
  • Around 70 Orc Boys, two units of 25 and one of 20
  • 50 or so NG spearmen, 20 NG bowmen, lots of fanatics
  • 16 Arrer Boyz
  • 20 Wolf Riders
  • 6 Savage/ Orc Boar Boyz
  • 5 teams of squig herders
  • Boar chariot
  • 3 Stone Trolls
  • Giant
  • Rock Lobber
  • 20 Black Orcs
Let me know what you can come up with. I'm looking at around 2000 Pts, and I do like to use the fun units (squigs, trolls, etc) but I'm not sure if they have the mass appeal that would make someone buy them.