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    2250 orcs vs dwarfs revisited

    ok this is an updated list for one i did before wich i wasnt overly happy with so i made some changes based on some of diggers advice and also changed a few things i thawt were a bit dodgey, ok here goes this list is for fighting my friends dwarfs

    grimgor ironhide

    goblin big boss, porkas pigsticka, LA, sheild, gigantic spider, 119pts, (joins NG unit)

    NG big boss, martoggs best basha, efiggy of mork, LA, sheild, 84pts, (also joins NG unit)

    orc big boss, bsb, banner of butchery, LA, boar, 138pts (joins savae orcs, note i changed him to a normal orc so i dont have to worry about him charging off ahead of the unit)


    31 NG, FC, x 2 fanatics, 163pts

    20 savage orcs, big uns, spears, FC, 290pts

    10 orc arrer boyz, 60pts

    5 spider riders, short bows, muso 70pts

    5 spider riders, short bows, muso 76pts


    19 black orcs, FC, sheilds, waagh banner, 329pts

    4 x NG squig herd teams (unit of 20) 120pts

    rock lobba, 70pts

    2 x spear chukkas, 70pts


    doom diver catapult, 80pts

    giant, 205pts

    total 2249

    all opinions are welcome here so feel free to rip it to shreds if you dont think it will work against dwarfs
    i also have uped this list to 3000 for a weekend game against dwarfs i added as follows

    black orc warboss, wyvern, shaggas screaming sword, best boss AT, enchanted sheild, heavy armour, 446pts

    24 orc boys, aditional choppas, FC, 198pts

    x 2 spear chukkas 70pts

    muso to the other spider rider unit, 6pts
    muso to the orc arrer boys, 5pts
    uped the sav orc unit by 2, 26pts

    3000pts exactly

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