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    All Orcs 2000 pts

    Ok, I know my list is a bit short for points. I am sitting at 1896 if I added everything together right but I need help with the list and what to add so here it goes. Any help would be appreciated as I am fairly new to fantasy comming over from playing 40k for about 3 years

    Black Orc Warboss w/ boar, heavy armor, ulags akrit axe, enchanted shield, biged's kicken boots 245 pts

    Black Orc Big Boss w/ BSB, war banner, heavy armor shield 135 pts

    Orc Shaman w/ boar, staff of sorcery, lvl 2 125 pts

    Orc Shaman w/ dispel scroll X2, lvl 2 150 pts

    Orc Boyz X25 w/ additional choppa, full command 205 pts

    Orc Boyz X25 w/ additional choppa, full command 205 pts

    Orc Boyz X25 w/ additional choppa, full command 205 pts

    Black OrcsX20 w/shields, full command 320 pts

    Orc Boar Chariot 80 pts

    Orc Boar Chariot 80 pts

    Goblin Spear Chukkas X2 w/ bully 80 pts

    River Trolls X5 300 pts

    So maybe I put in a few goblins...about 6 total. I play in an area where I will need their support since there are some brutal armies around here and the idea of a non competitive game doesn't really exist. The main plan would be to have my boar boss right there in the middle so I could put him in what ever unit will be charging forst, but it feels like a boar would be a waste to put him on in that case. The standard bearer will go right there in the middle of the battle line so as many units can get his bonus as i can pit in there. The trolls will be just behind my boss looking for any heavy cav that comes by asking for some puke. The chariots will be riding along the sides looking for other chariots or other fast units looking to flank me and hopefully take care of the threat or at the very least slow it down.

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    Good setup i think. Not a whole lot of troops for orcs, so youl have to be carefull not to waste anything
    Don't know about the lord's mount, it might be usefull to have the extra move to get to other units, but you have less strength from your great weapons

    i would say add a doomdiver and spread the artillery.
    Or perhaps a small unit of fast cavalry to stall even more and hunt lone wizards
    maybe a small unit of 20 goblins with bows and fanatics.. would clash a bit with your chariots, but they work great to scare large targets and soften up heavy cav or flyers
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