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    2250 Unfriendly Tourny list, Attempt number one

    Hello all,

    Im relativly new to the Orcs and Goblins but I have been playing Warhammer Fantasy for 4+ years. This is my first attempt at a Orc and Goblin Tourney list. Please be as critical as you can, my dwarves are undefeated at my local hobby shop so Im looking to keep the Orcs and Goblins very competitive.

    Thanks =]

    Orc Great Shaman 180pts
    Lvl 4 Wizard 35pts
    Staff of Baduumm 10pts
    Amulet of Protectyness 25pts
    Skull Wand of Kaloth 40pts
    Nibbla's 'Itty Ring 20pts

    Black Orc Big Boss 85pts
    Heavy Armour 4pts
    Sheild 2pts
    Martogs Best Basha 15pts
    Effigy of Mork 35pts

    Orc Big Boss 70pts
    Spear 2pts
    Boar 16pts
    Ironback Boar 35pts
    Guzzla's Battle Brew 15pts

    Orc Shaman 65pts
    Boar 16pts
    Waaagh! Paint 10pts
    The Horn of Urgok 40pts
    Lvl 2 Wizard 35pts

    Orc Boyz (19 models) 95 pts
    Sheilds 19pts
    Full Command 30pts

    Orc Boyz (19 Models) 95pts
    Sheilds 19pts
    Full Command 30pts

    Forest Goblin Spider Riders (10 Models) 130pts
    Short Bows 10pts
    Full Command 30pts

    Black Orcs (15 Models) 195pts
    Sheilds 15pts
    Full Command 38pts
    Nogg's Banner of Butchery 25pts

    Goblin Spear Chucka (Battery of 2) 70pts

    Orc Boar Boyz (5 Models) (Big Unz) 150pts
    Full Command 38pts

    Orc Boar Chariot 80pts

    Giant 205 pts
    Giant 205pts


    Orc Great Shaman will join the Black Orc unit and hold the center of the battlefeild with the two orc boy units to either side. One of those units will hold the Black Orc Warboss. Both my mounted Warboss and my Mounted Shaman will join the boar boy unit and they will flank from one side with a giant. The other Flank will have the other Giant with the Forest Goblin Spider Riders. The Spear Chucka's will basically help soften the center of my opponents battlelines. The Chariot is the only thing that will change per battle, it will be my last unit set up based on my opponents set up. It will either be on a flank or the middle.

    Any tips or hints?

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    Hey Stunties! Good to see a conversion to the mighty greenskins-- Theres a couple of things I would tweak to make this list deadlier.

    With your Great Shaman, the Staff of Baduum is 40 points, so youll have to rethink his items. Baduums Staff is definitely worth it so dont leave it at home! Nibblas ring id probably leave to a lesser character, because hes too valuable to risk losing a wound on the off chance you roll a 1 after use. Kaloth wand is only really worth it if you take in combination with Biggeds boots - with one attack your Great Shaman isnt going to be much of a force in close combat - and getting him into close combat with those black orcs is a major risk in itself - he'll do way more damage hanging back a bit and getting spells off I reckon. And you wont have to feel reserved with the black orcs who are kitted out for some major butt kicking.

    Instead of the Orc Big Boss on Boar with Guzzlas brew, I would change it to a Black Orc Battle Standard Bearer and put him in the middle of the army in the other big units of boyz - no magic items but would take the Spirit Totem to make your army seriously magic resistant (you might get a few boos and hisses for having both units of boys led by blorcs, but hey, you did say unfriendly list hah) You would have to increase the unit by another several orcs, maybe to 25 if you have the models so you can safely get the full three dispel dice bonus each turn.

    Id cut the spiders unit into two units of 5 and drop the full command or youll be handing your opponent easy victory points if they take your standard. These guys are mostly for disruption via march blocking and surprise flank charges to take away enemy rank bonus etc not for full on fighting.. youll find having two smaller units much more useful and give your opponent yet another unit to think about.

    Also just glancing at the list overall its very elite, with full commands for everything, not too gobbo infested and fully decked out characters. IMO O&G are at their most competitive when you seriously outnumber your enemy and when you do field more 'crap' units, so dont hold back from watering down a few units to get some more numbers on the table - it may seem weird but i have found it works better to win through CR and outnumbering - maybe other ppl have found different but having an elite list hasnt worked that well for me in the past

    Thats all I can think of atm Good luck let us know how you go

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    i am da Wahhchief Digger's Avatar
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    Right! tried to keep it short.. but failed miserably

    Tough list to work with, but you managed to get around the worst 'random' stuff orcs have to offer, so i think your going to have a force that depends on your skills more than luck.

    Overall quite a competitive list

    - Hellscream is right about the cost of the staff... maybe you meant the Waaagh paint instead? Either way, don't post exact point cost for items. Its against forum rules

    - Horn of urgok; dunno if you have a tactic with it, but keep in mind it only works during your own magic-,shooting- and combat-phase. I dont usually see it in competiive lists.

    - About the spider riders Hellscream mentioned:
    Split them up into 2 units of 5! I cant stress enough how much better that is than a unit of 10. Ditch the standard bearer, and get a musician for each unit.
    10 are less maneuverable, they flee just as easy as 5 (basicly), they become worth alot of victory points,and on top of that, they gain nothing (YES NOTHING) when it comes to combat value. 2 units will also make you deploy more units, gives time to check your enemy out. It gives you the chance to sacrifice one unit, and it splits your chances .

    I admire your stones for bringing a fresh Orc list to an unfriendly tourney :p

    @ Hellscream: Love your name! Hellscream!
    Eternal Newbie

    Warchief Diggah o da Bloodmoon Squiggahs

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    Tacktic advise with the skull wand Put it on a Lv1 savage orc shamman on a boar and point him in the direction of a nice Low LD MC and watch ur Opponent cry when you eat his dragon or hydra or unit of trolls etc etc It is how i use it and it works great.

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