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    2000 - 8th edition - First go

    Hi, like everybody im in the twilight zone of trying to come up with a decent list for the next edition while not having perfect knowledge of the new rules. It really seems that 8th was designed for 3000, which I always thought was the points limit O&G excelled at in 7th. But theres a tournament two weeks after the new books come out that i'm trying to work a list for, and its 2000 points.
    Enough yabbering, here is the list:

    Lords - 492

    Black orc Warboss - 257
    Boar, shield, Glittering scale armour (New common item: enemy at -1 to hit in close combat), Effigy of mork, Ulags akrit axe
    Stick him in the large unit of night goblins, the combination of nets and -2 to hit should keep him well alive while still dishing out the pain.

    Night goblin great shaman - 235
    Level 4, Staff of sneaky stealing
    The staff is a huge item now, due to the new magic dice pool generation

    Heroes - 175

    Black orc Big boss - 175
    Boar, Heavy Armour, Battlestandard bearer, Warboss ums best boss at, Gold sigil sword (new common item: Initiative 10)

    Core - 847

    29 orc Big uns - 399
    Spears, Shields, Full command, Morks spirit totem
    The new rules for fighting in ranks makes spears a real viable option on this lot, pumping out 16 the S4 WS4 attacks. Also morks spirit totem is now too good to ignore, like the staff of sneaky stealing its ability to increase the dispel pool is magnified in the new rules.

    28 Orcs - 198
    Shields, Full command
    Generic combat unit, not sure how it'll do, but the BSB will normally go here to keep order.

    30 night goblins - 250
    Spears, Full command, nets, 3 fanatics
    I'll put these guys in 6 ranks of 5, so that they can take advantage of the new steadfast stubborn rule. With the general joining them (im not bothered by how unfluffy this is) they'll stick around and beat other units.

    Special - 440
    I might have gone for as many special choices as I always wanted to take in a 2k army in 7th ed here... Im hoping the chariots can do a good enough job of guarding the flanks, while the war machines soften things up...

    Rock lobber - xxx

    Rock lobber - xxx

    2 spear chukkas - xxx

    Orc boar chariot - xxx

    Orc boar chariot - xxx

    Goblin wolf chariot - xxx
    extra goblin

    Rare - 40

    troll - xxx
    He's painted, also with stomp and vomit he's an able warmachine crew hunter with two auto hits.

    Total - 1998

    The main problem i have at the moment is that it looks a little light on troops. Perhaps I could drop one of the chariots for a unit of 20 night goblin archers, but im not convinced they'll be effective enough. What I do have with this list is crushing magic defence, but is it overkill?

    All comments muchly appreciated.

    Last edited by andre; July 1st, 2010 at 14:34. Reason: Thank you digger. Missed something.

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    Andre your avatar is black :o
    And your Bsb doesnt actually say its a BsB, costs add up though.

    im not very familliar with 8th yet but heres what i think

    im not really liking the troll. a warmachine hunter with stupidity just doesnt seem right...

    magicdefence: Definetly overkill. maybe switch part of it to extra magic Offense!
    powerstone/magic mushroom/itty ring and perhaps a dispelscroll or staff o sorcery with it.
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