Lords 487

orc war boss 247
Martogs best basha
armor of destony
calor of zorga
iron gnashs

Orc great shamman 250
power scroll

Heros 394

Orc Big Boss 123
Banner of Flame
Light armor

goblin big boss 124
Mask of EEE
spear light armor

black orc big boss 147
porkse pig sticka
hevey armor shield

Rare 280

7 trolls 280

Core 830

30 orc boyz 240
full command
xtra choppa

29 orc big uns 370
full command
morks spirt totum

20 night goblins 110
2 fanatics

20 night goblins 110
2 fanatics

Speacal 498

5 Boar boyz 198
full command
wailing baner

2 boar chariots 160

2 rock lobbas 140

OK so hear is da great plan great shaman in with big uns warboss and BSB go in the troll unit black orc goes with the boar boyz. Boar boyz go on one flank the 3 chariots go on the other trolls in the center with goblins on eather side screening the orc units lobbas go in the back field some where. my goal here is to use terror when chargeing to get stuf bunched up in the center and then pound then heck out of my opponent from there.
Magic wise im siting pretty good i think and with the LV 4 i have a good shot at geting the WAAAGH spell and with the power scroll there is a real good chance i will get it off when i need it makeing my main Push that much stronger.