So after being on hiatus from fantasy for a while, my friend who I play WAR with decided he wants to get into warhammer fantasy for the first time. I told him sure, we picked two different armies and I picked OnG because they're loveable

Orc Bigboss - 89
-Martog's Best Basha
-Light Armor

Orc Boyz (20 ) - 150
-Full Command

Night Goblins (20 ) - 85

Night Goblins (20 ) - 85

Night Goblin Squig Hoppers (5) - xx

He's just starting out and I told him 500 points is a good way to go so we decided on 500 each to start and here's my list. I'm brand spankin new to OnG, even to rank and file units. Questions now

Are Spears on Orcs good for 8th or do Choppas benefit them more?

What is the beneift of running normal goblins rather than night goblins?

One thing though, the Squig Hoppers stay