hi guys

i haven't had a chance to play O&G in 8th yet as i have been busy doing other things, but i have seen a few other folks playing with them and they seem rather good so here goes...


black orc warboss- shield, armour of fortune, giant blade- 283

orc great shamman- lvl 4, talisman of protection- 230


orc shamman- lvl 2, boar-116

black orc BSB- heavy armour-114


20 orcs- FC, extra choppas, shields- 190

20 orcs-FC, spears, shields- 170

20 orcs-FC, spears, shields- 170

20 night goblins- FC, shields, spears, 3 fanatics- 175

10 wolf riders-FC, spears, shields-170


20 black orcs- FC, shields- 318

11 boar boyz-FC-280

2 spear chukkas- 70


1 giant- 205

total 2491

now the idea is that the warboss joints the boyz with choppas, and the great shamman and BSB joint the two spear units while the lvl 2 joins the boar boyz for the ride

any good?

thanks in advance!