Hi all!

This is my first O&G list. It is based on the miniatures that I have and unfortunately I don't have a possibility to buy more at the moment. I'm writhing this post from work, and I don't have an access to army book, so correct me if I don't remember some point costs.

I have Skull pass set, orcs, spear chukka, doom diver, 6 hoppers, 5 boar boys

My list:


Black orc big boss, shield, heavy armor, martoggs best basha, 110p
NG shaman lv 2 + disp scroll 110p
NG shaman lv 2 + 2 mushrooms 105p


25 orcs, FC, shields 180p (boss goes here)
40 night goblins, spears, shields, FC, 3 fanatics 255p (shaman goes here)
20 night goblins, 2 fanatics 110p (shaman goes here)
5 spider riders bows and mus. 76p
5 spider riders bows and mus. 76p


5 boar boys
spear chukka
tot 145p


Doom diver

TOTAL 1247p

What do you think? Could I use my hoppers for something? I'm new to warhammer in general, so I could use advices with this army.