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    2250 Orcs and goblins Army list

    Hey All
    Trying to come up with a orcs and goblins army to give an opponent a hard time , dont have a lot of experiance with horde armies so please feel free to comment and criticise

    Black Ork warboss
    Heavy armor + shield
    Amulet of Protectyness
    Martogs best Basha

    Great Goblin Shaman
    Lv4 Wizard
    Staff of sneaky stealin

    Orc Big Boss

    40 Orc Boys
    Musician + Standard Bearer

    40 Orc Boyz
    Musician + Standard Bearer

    40 Night Goblins
    Musician + standard bearer
    3 Fanatics

    40 Night Goblins
    Musician + Standard Bearer
    3 Fanatics

    30 Black Orcs
    Musician + Standard bearer
    Banner for +1 dispel dice for every rank

    4 Spear Chukkas

    2 Rock Lobbas

    1 Goblin Doom Diver Catapult

    Total : 2251 Pts

    Please post your thoughts comments and criticism
    Later Trigger Junkie

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    The only thing i would change is bring down the two orc units to maybe 30 each, and for the points left give the night goblin units nets (they are more than worth the points) and give your naked orc boss something (at least a shield, light armour) or make him a black orc boss with heavy armor and shield.
    I havent had a chance to play many games using 8th edition, so im not too familiar with the new magic rules, but i do know that the miscast table is pretty scary. Maybe instead of one level 4 take 2 level 2 night goblin shaman? That way its harder for you to lose a lot of points because of a bad roll.

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