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    oy! get it together you bunch of grots! (orks/goblins list advice needed!)

    I have a bunch of gobbo models, and i've never made a fantasy list. here's what i've got :

    About 90 gobbos w/ spears

    about 50 gobbos w/ bows

    about 40 spider riders

    some random hq modles (all gobbos, all skull pass)

    Two pump wagons
    A troll from skull pass
    A giant
    13 squig hoppers (well, 13 metal squigs... they dont have riders... what are these called?)
    four (one sprue) fanatics

    a box of black orcs I havent assembled yet.

    I'd be willing to buy another box of black orcs and an orc warboss for LD...

    can anyone suggest a points value/ list?

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    With what you have, plus a couple of extra models, this is what I've thought about for a starting list. It's a simple list that will give you a lot of anvils (with the NGobbo netters) and a solid set of hammers on the Squigs, the Trolls and maybe the Black Orcs, depending on their equipment (Banner).

    What I added to your existing collection is:
    • Three Trolls - Really important
    • The BO General
    • 10 additional Black Orcs
    • I'm thinking you can proxy the herders for your 13 squigs using your NGobbo models (and somehow get two more squigs for your herd)
    Black Orc Warboss
      Martog's Best Basha 
      Bigged's 'ed Kickin Boots 
      Talisman of Preservation 
    Night Goblin Big Boss 
      Battle Standard Bearer 
      Armour of Destiny 
    Night Goblin Shaman 
      Magic Level 1
    Night Goblin Shaman
      Magic Level 1
    41 Night Goblins
      Full Command
      2 Fanatics
    41 Night Goblins
      Full Command
      1 Fanatic
    27 Night Goblins
    25 Squig Herd  (15 squig + 10 herders)
    20 Black Orcs
      Full Command
    2 Pump Wagon 
    4 Trolls
    This will leave you at about 1750 points. I'm also presuming you have two NGobbo shaman in your list. Although most of the people are playing Orc Shamans right now, you could do well with two lvl. 2s in your list. That will get you closer to the 2000 point mark.

    I hope this gives you something to start with. NGobbo netters are really good. I didn't suggest Spear-gobbos as I think that the Parry-Ward Save is better than the attacks, when you combine them with a nice hammer unit.

    Good luck ! Post the results of your test-games if you can.
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