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    Senior Member MightisRight's Avatar
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    2000pt infantry army

    This is my first orcs & goblins army list in 8th. Trying to bse it around large infantry blocks.

    Grimgor Ironhide - 375

    Goblin Big Boss - 125
    -Goblin wolf chariot
    -Sneaky Skewerer
    -Enchanted shield

    Night Goblin Big Boss - 84
    -Spider Banner
    -Light armour

    Night Goblin Shaman - 135
    -Level 2 Wizard
    -Staff of Sneaky Stealing

    Night Goblin Shaman - 125
    -Level 2 Wizard
    -Nibbla's Itty Ring
    -Channeling Staff

    19 Orc Boys - 163
    -Spears & shields
    -Full command

    39 Night Goblins - 226
    -Spears & shields
    -Full command
    -2 fanatics

    20 Night Goblins - 125
    -Spears and shields
    -Full Command

    20 Night Goblins - 60

    20 Night Goblins - 60

    20 Black Orcs - 318
    -Full Command

    Giant - 205


    BSB goes with goblin horde to give 40 poisoned attacks + boss. Grimgor goes with black orcs. Shamans go with archer units. Chariot tries to go around flanks to make the most out of the Backstabber's Blade.

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    i am da Wahhchief Digger's Avatar
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    Hi there MightisRight. i gots a few thoughts, maybe they can help (maybe not meh)

    - Your BSB has a poisontotem and he joins a unit of spearguys i suppose. Both options cost quite a deal, but i would say if you want to have full effect, the spear unit should be bigger than 40. Now i would prefer bow goblins myself but thats personal. A horde of spearmen can use the banner, but loses attacks as soon a they start taking a casualty. Add say 10 more gobs and that problem is gone.

    - If you can find some points for it: The orc unit of 19 is a good support unit. Adding 2 or so boyz however would make it great for one reason: You're trying to get extra power dice (channeling staff) When this unit will get into combat it adds an extra powerdice to the pool as long as itis 20+ boyz. They wont lose boyz on the way over since your giant, chariot, shamans, BSB and black orcs make much nicer targets!

    Overall i think your list can get to bashing allready
    Eternal Newbie

    Warchief Diggah o da Bloodmoon Squiggahs

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