So here is the situation:
My 3 friends and I are having a game where everyone comes with a 4000pt list pre made, I will use OnG, one is using warriors of chaos, one using Skaven and the other using Lizardmen. We will then randomly draw for teams but not use the alliance rules (so that whoever is with the lizardmen doesnt get screwed sideways in the magic phase)
Here is my list, we play Saturday I will post the result afterwards... but an 8000/side game, this could take a while. We are playing 8ft by 4 ft so its longer (skaven player insisted and it makes sense)
I have no idea who my ally will be... the numbers correspond what characters will go with what unit.


(1)Gorbad Ironclaw; (General + BS
(2)Savage Orc Great Shaman L4; Lucky Shrunken Head
(3)Orc Warboss; Sword of Bloodshed, War Boar
(4)Goblin Warboss; Great Weapon, Light Armour, Talisman of preservation (4+ Ward)


(5)Night Goblin Shaman L2; Dispel Scroll
(6)Black Orc Big Boss
(7)Black Orc Big Boss
(Black Orc Big Boss; Crown of Command


(7)29 Savage Orc Big ‘Uns; Spears, Banner
(2)(6)34 Savage Orc Big ‘Uns; Spears, Banner-Razor Banner
(4)(5)61 Night Goblins; X3Fanatics, Banner, Nets
(1)10 Goblin Wolf Riders


(27 Black Orcs; Shields, Banner-Banner of Eternal Flame
(3)11 Boar Boy Big ‘ Uns; Shields, Banner
Spear Chukka
Spear Chukka


Snotling Pump Wagon – Spikey Roller
Snotling Pump Wagon – Spikey Roller
Snotling Pump Wagon – Spikey Roller
8X River Trolls
Arachnarok Spider
Mangler Squig