This list is an experiment with the new lack of limitations of the number of characters taken in an army. I wanted to get people's thoughts on using a 'unit' of Wolf riding bosses as a death-star.


Goblin Warboss 163
-Armour of Fortune
-Enchanted Shield
-Ogre Blade

Goblin Great Shaman 295
- Wolf Chariot (3 Wolves)
- Mask of EEE!
- Talisman of Preservation
- Dispel Scroll


x4 Big Bosses 333
- Wolves, Shield, Spear, Armour (unless otherwise noted)
- 1 BSB w. Wailing Banner
- 1 Sword of Swift Slaying
- 1 Potion of Foolhardiness
- 1 Gambler's Armour, Great Weapon

Gitilla Da Hunta 110


19 Wolf Riders, full gear, musician, SB (Gitilla's Unit) 267

20 Wolf Riders, full gear, musician, SB 280


x3 Wolf Chariots 150

x3 Wolf Chariots 150


Giant 200

Snotling Pump Wagon w. Flappas 050

Total: 1998

Like I said, the four big bosses and the warboss deploy together, smack in the centre. The three terror-causing units charge towards weaklings, hoping to cause a panicky chain reaction before getting stuck in. Chariots just hit the biggest, hardest thing they can. Other wolf-riders shoot and run until little things die.

Interested to hear your thoughts...