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    Whaaagh Gazgar needs YOUR help.

    Hey everybody, vidrian here with a desperate call for help!

    In the past few months my O&G army has had enough chances to prove itself, but it just doesn't. Although I only used the new armybook in the last few games, the difference is hardly noticeable. The biggest problem is the 8th edition of warhammer.

    I play a infantry heavy army, which got allot better in the latest edition, but I'm also playing allot of infantry army's and my dear greenskins just don't seem to be able to pull a win out of those battles. Either the infantry gets shot to pieces by warmachines or I never get off a combined charge leaving the units off orcs fighting on their own, which usually ends badly.

    I could really use some tips on how to make this list more competitive and where to go next. I was thinking about maxing out on warmachines to help me thin out the enemy before I charge in. I was also thinking about getting myself a unit of Boar-boys to help me with combined charges and flank charges.

    Can anyone help me with this army? because even though i always play friendly games, loosing all the time can become very frustrating.

    The list I'm using these days consists of the following although it has some minor changes every now and then:

    1 Black orc lord on foot
    1 orc lord shamen on foot
    1 orc BSB on foot
    3-4 nightgoblin lvl 1 shamans

    50 night goblins with spears, Full command and nets
    30 night goblins with spear, Full command
    24 orcs with handweapons and shields, full command
    24 orc big'uns with 2 handweapons, full command
    2x 5 spider riders with shortbows

    6 trolls
    20 black orcs
    2 spear chukka's
    1 boar chariot
    10 squig hoppers with goblins boss on great cave squig

    1 doomdiver

    I could make a more detailed list, but as stated before the list tends to change a bit between games, nothing major though.

    I used fanatics for a long time but they get lured out by trow-away units every game, I also used a horde squig unit but they get shot so badly that they end up beeing no challenge for an enemy unit.

    The reason why i use so many lvl 1 shamans is because my shaman tend to blow themselves up in 2 turns, especially the high level ones, and lvl 1 night goblin shamans are cheap enough to sacrifice with a miscast just to get of that very nasty important spell.

    My question to you guys is:
    Does anyone have any experience with this kind of army and if so, how do you make it work. And if you have experience with these units, how do you make them work properly? What am I missing?

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    Id go with an orc lord rather thn black orc. Big points difference. What is he equipped with anyways?
    The 50 strong night goblins, are they fielded a horde or in 10 ranks? The 30 goblin unit - this is ineffective. Too big as a support unit, too small on their own. Make it 20 or 40. If the other night gob unit is fielded horde, then if you go with 40 gobs here, use 8 ranks. Dont take nets if you are using 5 models per rank. for the points value of nets you could add another 15 gobbos. I always take fanatics. And send the unit right down the middle or just off center. Enemy fast cav is usually deployed on the flanks anyways. Next, the big uns should have shields, the other orc boy unit can have the additional hand weapons. You need the big uns to survive, and 5 attacks extra is not worth the +1 to armour and parry save. Playing lots of infantry armies? Take river trolls instead of the trolls, they will be harder to hit and live longer. The black orcs, give them the razor banner. Give your orc shaman the crown of command and the shrieking blade. He will be stubborn andcause fear. Stick him in the black orc unit. Now, with the black orcs, field them 6 models wide. Put the shaman on one end, the champion on the other end. When you get into combat, issue a challenge, the enemy unit will have to align so that the champ is in base contact, meaning the shaman wont be. The unit will be stubborn, and field them close to your lord and bsb. They wont break. So its ok to have 3 ranks only. Leave the 2 chukkas in your list and also get another doom diver or rock lobba. I like doom divers better. Focus all the artillery on the toughest unit until its worthless. Then focus on another unit. To free up points, take out the squig hoppers and orc chariot if you need to. See how the list goes then. If you do try my suggestions, let me know how the list works for you.
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    Doom divers are GREAT !!! I have had so much success with the two that I field, and even when I misfire they end up doing damage to the enemy. I run my black orcs 6x4. they are usually the only unit that can survive vs. elite types, and they dish out a lot of pain (plus no animosity). The squig hoppers with the NG Boss is a great move, they can re-roll movement distance. Other than that Dwarfchewer has some great suggestions. Tell us how it goes.
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