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    1500 Savage orcs and night goblins

    Okey, here's a list I've been toying around with. It's basically just the collection of mini's I have, but I feel like it could work. I don't remember the exact point values as I don't have my army book with me, but as I'm aiming for 1500, this list should leave me with around 137 points to play with.

    Savage orc great shaman
    - lvl 4
    Black Orc Big Boss
    - BSB
    Night Goblin Big Boss
    - Great weapon
    Night Goblin Big Boss
    - Great weapon
    25 Night goblins
    - Full command
    25 Night goblins
    - Full command
    20 Savage orcs
    - Full command
    - Additional hand weapon
    - Big 'uns
    2 Rock Lobbas
    4 Spear Chukkas
    4 Wolf chariots

    At this point I'm thinking of either adding some chariots and/or spear chukkas, a savage orc big boss for some damage, goblin shaman, fanatics or giving the goblin bosses chariots to ride around with.

    Any and all ideas are most welcome.

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    I would think about combining or increasing the size of the Night Goblin units. You need large weight of numbers to make Night gobbos effective, I would say at least 40, maybe even 50 to a unit. Then you can either run them in 10 wide horde (which works very well with spears, especially if you can get a crown of command/bad moon banner in there to ensure they stay steadfast) or in a 5 wide column which, although it wont do much damage each turn, will stand up and hold most units for quite a while, long enough to getting something more damaging into the flank.
    I'm not a fan of using Black orc bosses in non-BOrc units. The hits they can do to the unit while 'correcting' a failed animosity role can be quite damaging. I guess its a matter of preference and game circumstances as to wether the damage is preferable over standing still for a round.
    The Savage Orc unit look sound, savage big uns with extra hand weapons can be devastating. Especially in a flank with 'Ere we go on them or Sneaky Stabbin and Gift of the Spider God if you can get some Little Waaagh magic on the table.
    I wouldnt bother with any more chariots or Spear Chukka's. 2 units of 2 chariots will be great. I would even think about dropping 2 of the chukka's , especially if you can drop a Doom Diver or two into the list. Divers are great for softenting up armoured units.

    Depending on your points/model availability it may be worth considering dropping another Shaman into the mix, even if you have to drop your Great shaman to level 3. With just one shaman your magic phase is over with the first failure to cast and over for good on a bad miscast.
    Its also well worth getting the lucky Shrunken head for your shaman and dropping him in the Savage orc unit, upping the warpaint save to 5+ is very handy.
    I love fanatics and its well worth investing in a box. The psychological effect they have is amazing on occassion and can far outweigh the actual damage they are capable of doing. If you find you are playing against the same opponents regularly make sure to alter the amount of fanatics you take from game to game, keep them guessing to just how many you have, even running with none on occassion.

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