Thinking of attending the Pennine Pillage Tournament and wanted to get peoples' views on a Goblin list for the event. It's 1200 pts WFB, but I'm not aware of any other restrictions.


Goblin Warboss 109
Talisman of Endurance
Ironcurse Icon


2x Lvl 2 NG Shaman 160

NG BSB, Shrieking Blade 65


28 NG w Spears 179
Musician, SB, Fanatic x3
Warboss, & 1 Shaman here

24 NG w HW 127
Full command, Fanatic x1
BSB here

5 Spider Riders, Bows Musician 80


2x Wolf Chariots (Deployed together) 100

Squig Herd (9 squigs, 6 Herders) 90

5x Squig Hoppers 60


2x Doom Diver 160

Pump Wagon w Spikey Roller 60

Should be a fairly simple army to play - squigs, fanatics and chariots to deal with the hard stuff, doom divers to snipe, and goblins beefed up with plenty of magic to get stuck in to anything with numbers.

Let me know what you think.