Hi all,
I've had the Azhag model for a while now and , although I absolutey love it, found I never actually put it on the battlefield.
the same goes for the Arachnarok, amazing model but a bit of a let down on the tabletop :/
I was in my local GW on Saturday discussing the new finecast stuff and a friend, while looking at the new finecast Azhag model, asked if i could field him in our next battle.
So, we ended up deciding on a large, 5k points game, to be played in a few weeks time.
I wanted a list that would look good on the table but also be at least semi-effective (will be playing against Chaos Warriors or Skaven)

Heres the list, what do you think?

Azhag the Slaughterer
Goblin Great Shaman on Arachnarok with Spidershrine. Talisman of Preservation, ironcurse icon, Dispel Scroll

Black Orc Big Boss - BSB, Armour of Destiny
Savage Orc Shaman - Extra Level, Shrunken Head
Savage Orc Big Boss - Add H/W, Crown of Command
Snagla Gobspit

70x Night Goblins (10x7 horde) - Spears, Full Cmd, nets, 3x Fanatics
40x Night Goblins (10x4 Horde) - Short Bows, Full Cmd, 3x Fanatics
48x Savage Orc Big Un's (10x5 Horde) - Add H/W, Ful Cmd, Big Stabba (Shaman and BSB in here)
20x Spider Riders (7x3) - Short Bows, Full Cmd (Snagla in here)

40x Black Orcs (10x4 Horde) - Shields, Musician, Standard, Banner of Leadership
18x Savage Orc Boar Boyz (6x3) - Add H/W, Musician, Standard, Rangers Standard
4x Goblin Wolf Chariots (2 units of 2)

2x Rock Lobber
2x Doom Diver
2x mangler Squig
1x Giant - Warpaint