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    Senior Member Temujin Khan's Avatar
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    2k All Comers Tourney

    So this is my first list with OnG and as such, I would really like if if everyone could take a look at it and tell me what you would change and why.

    LvL 4 Savage Orc Shaman
    -Lucky Head, Fencer's Swords
    I figure I'm having a big unit of Savage Big Un's so I might as well include the head. Then the Ws 10 combined with the T5 and 5+ ward should be able to protect my Shaman. That and he can hit better if I get Fists off.

    LvL 2 NG Shaman

    LvL 2 NG Shaman
    -Dispel Scroll
    I like magic, and these guys are good at it. I also like spells for both the big and little Waaghs

    NG BsB
    -GW, 4+ Ward
    I prefer not to have my guys running off the table thank you very much.

    29 Savage Orc Big Uns
    -Extra Hand Weapon, FC
    I can't decide if I want these as a horde, or 6x5. Guess it will depend on the enemy I'm facing.

    40 Spear NG
    -Mus, Std, 3 Fanatics
    These guys will be my Hand of Gork 'through a fanatics through the enemy's line' guys or just a simple 'stick them in place so my savages can get a flank'

    20 Bow NG
    BsB goes in here. and they will shoot at stuff/get poised from my gobbo shamans.

    2x 2 Gobbo Chariots

    2 Manglers

    2 Doom Divers
    I figure I need anti horde, anti fast little units that may or may not be heavily armored, and just anti armored. I figure those mean chariots, DDs, and Manglers.

    Now this is the tricky part. I can either get:

    30 Savages
    -Extra Hand Weapon, Mus, Std


    20 Black Orcs
    -Shields, Mus, Std


    4 River Trolls

    2x 5 Wolf Riders
    -Short Bows or Spears... but probably short bows

    I'm leaning towards not the savages as I already have a lot of anti infantry, and I'm not to sure about the black orcs. Trolls would give me another good flanker and the inclusion of wolf riders mean I have a anti Warmachine element. I've done the whole Vanguard and then march 18 in front of a cannon and it looks like fun and a good way to get rid of war machines.

    I've seen a lot of people take a big unit of Savage Big Uns and a big unit of Black Orcs with not much else. Except I don't know why. I have my general and BsB so the Ld on the Trolls shouldn't be that much of an issue.

    So what do you all think? and most importantly, Why?

    Thanks again,

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    nice looking list, not to dissimilar to one I run myself.
    I would run the Savage big Uns in a 7 wide formation, this seems to be the 'sweet spot' for killy units. Smaller frontage doesnt seem to get enough attacks in and I always find wider frontages of large based models a little unwieldly and short in ranks.
    Whenever I have fielded small units of NG's or NG's with bows I find they die pretty darn quickly :/ I'd probably opt to dropping this unit, maybe upping your main NG unit to 50, adding a champ to it and dropping the BSB in there, maybe run that unit 5 wide to maximise ranks and throw a cpl of cheap bosses in to protect the BSB and give the unit a little more punch.
    Also I find nets always worth the 45 point cost, especially if you are using the unit as a tarpit.

    I love Black Orc models, they are the primary reason I picked up O+G when I returned to WFB, unfortunately for their points cost they just don't seem to work out for me :/ I find that Savages are far better units point for point. The Black Orcs armour save is quite easily negated by most other elite units and the Savages ward save trumps this everytime, with additional hand-weapons and frenzy the Savages will also kill more enemies on average.
    I would definetly fit in at least one unit of 5 Wolf riders, as you say, they are great for harrowing Warmachines and also great for diversionary tactics and guarding a flank for a turn or two. I normally run these completely bare, but, If I was to add an option then I think Short-bows are the better bet.
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    For a torny Manglers are useless Let me put it like this Hi im a 50pt unit of wolf riders i vanguard then march 18 right on top of your mangler i get my points back and you lose your squig. I feel about the same with fanatics for pretty much the same reason.

    The big issue i see with your list is you only have one real treating unit the savage orcs other than them your army is just kind of annoying this means most offensive spells and shooting are going to target them and once they are gone or to a manageable size your going to be in a great deal of trouble. I would really suggest getting them magic resistance. As well go with the extra unit of savages or black orcs if you go with the BO give them the flame banner as your army needs it. Hydras and hell pits are mean.

    You need both a doom diver and a rock lobbas. you know why the doom diver. Rock lobbas are good for taking out enemy artillery and big tough creatures.

    Pretty much that is it.

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