So a local gaming store hosts a Fantasy tournament every other month and the next one is for 2500 points. I am getting a bunch of orcs and gobbos from my friend who is leaving the Fantasy game to concentrate more on 40k. So here is my first shot:

255 - Savage Orc Shaman lvl 3, Lucky Shrunken head, fencer blades

110 - Night Goblin Shaman lvl2, Power Stone, Ironcurse Icon
110 - Night Goblin Shaman lvl2, Dispell Scroll
109 - Night Goblin Big Boss BSB, Bad Moon Banner, LA, Shield

296- Savage Orcs w/ add. hw Full Command x29 (SOrc Shaman goes here)
279- Night Goblins w/ spears x48 (1 shaman and BSB here)
-2 Fanatics
92 - Night Goblins w/ bows musician 1 fanatic x19 (other shaman goes here)
245- Orc Boyz w/ hw shields Full Command x30

405 - Black Orcs Full Command w/ Banner of Eternal Flame x30
150 - Goblin Wolf Chariot x3

290 - Arachnarok Spider
160 - Doom Diver x2

Total 2448.
So the things I was thinking is that I clearly don't have a lot of characters which might not be good with orcs and goblins. Also I wanted to try and get the black orcs shields but then 435 would be a lot of points in one unit. The spider and chariots I figure would take the flanks while the bowmen protect the doom divers. Then the core orc units flank the goblin unit for the BSB and when enemies get to close to any of them the fanatics will be released. 2D6 hits towards the first unit could be devastating.
One final question: Is the Arachnarok Spider worth the 290 points? It does have a high toughness high wounds but I'm afraid that people will see it and start throwing kitchen sinks at it. Also its one of the few things I am not getting from my friend so I don't want to buy it if I don't have to.