Hello all. So, in addition to my WoC, I'm looking to start an O&G army, but I'm not entirely sure what to bring, so any advice would be welcome. My first draft looks something like this:

Orc Warboss
Sword of Striking
Armour of Destiny
Crown of command

Total: 218pts

Orc Great Shaman
Level 4
Talisman of preservation
Earthing rod

total: 270pts


NG shaman
Level 1
Dispel Scroll

Total: 75pts

Ng Shaman
Level 1
Channeling staff

Total: 65pts

Goblin Big Boss
Shield of Ptolos (1+ as against shooting)
Dawn Stone
Giant Wolf

Total: 124pts


30 orc boyz
Banner of Swiftness
Big Unz

Total: 320pts

40 Night goblins
3 x fanatics

Total: 270pts

18 Savage orcs

total: 172pts


28 Black Orcs
Banner of eternal Flame

total: 366pts


Arachnarok Spider, xxxpts

Doom Diver, xxxpts

Rock Lobber, xxxpts

Mangler squig, xxpts

snotling pumpwagon

Snotling pumpwagon

Hits the 2500pt mark on the spot. Now, I'm not including the big mob of SO purely due to them being so kiteable, but I feel the 18 savage orcs is a very nice flanking unit. The big mobs will hold the centre of the battlefield, while the big spider (wanna try it out, see what it can do before I dismiss it) holds a flank, along with perhaps a pumpwagon or the mangler, while the savage orcs go on the other flank, along with the rest. The goblin BSB will dart around behind my lines, giving me the re-roll where I need it most (with 18" move, that should be possible). That's the general idea anyway. I do feel I'm missing some wolf chariots and maybe some wolf riders, but not sure what to ditch, apart from maybe the pump wagons and mangler, but that also cost me the "fun" units in the army