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    3k WAAAGH Grolag one eye the mad

    Unit A

    Savage orc war boss
    Armor of destony
    Crown of command
    2 hand weapons

    11 savage orc boar boy Big'uns
    Musician standard
    2 hand weapons
    Standard of discipline

    Unit B

    Savage orc great shaman
    Lv 4
    Skull wand

    24 savage orcs
    Musician standard
    2 hand weapons

    Unit C

    Savage orc shaman
    Lv 2
    Lucky head

    24 savage orcs
    Musician standard
    2 hand weapons

    Unit D

    Savage orc big boss
    BSB Flaming banner

    24 savage orcs
    Musician standard
    2 hand weapons

    All the other fun bits

    2 orc boar chariots

    2 units of 3 wolf chariots

    5 Snotling pump wagons
    spiked rollor

    4 mangler squigs

    So the plan with this fun lil army is to line up all the chariots and squigs up on the line with the rest of my army behind them. Then run full tilt boggy at the enemy. The hope is that the impact hits and squig damage will leave nothing more than clean up for the rest of my army. and anything that happens to be left pretty in tacked my generals unit should be able to eat. Any how it seems like a good idea on paper and i hope to test it out hear in a week or 2 after i get back from my trip. But i wanted to know what the other orcs and goblins here thought of the list. Thanks in advance.

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    Looks like a lot of fun, all the core units are pretty solid, and the Savage Boar Boy Big 'Uns are gonna hurt
    Also looks quite risky (part of the fun), the manglers being the most prominent risk. Still, definitely potential to do some serious damage before any of your infantry units actually see some combat! Have you played this list at all yet?

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