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Thread: 2400 army list

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    2400 army list

    I am playing warhammer pretty often against one of my friends
    but cannot come up with the ultimate list.
    This is what i have in store right now so let me know what you think!
    (this list is made to hopefully win but also to have a lot of fun with)

    Goblinwarboss w/ light armour, shield, wizarding hat :171pts
    other lores than big and little waaagh! Is really powerful on
    orcs and goblins so this i think is a prettyGood lord choise.

    Orc warboss w/ sword of striking, enchanted shield, talisman of preservation :180pts
    This warboss is taken as a powerful and tough general to create some discipline in the greenskin ranks.

    Savage orc shaman w/ lv2, lucku shrunken head :155pts
    As you know savage orc big uns with 5+ ward save is really powerful.

    Night goblin big boss w/ bsb, armour of destiny, gtw :107

    3 Night goblin big bosses w/ spear, great cave squig :246pts
    These i desided to use just because they are awesome and can do pretty much
    damage in combat as well.

    29 orc boyz w/ additional choppa, command :238pts

    29 orc boyz w/ additional choppa, command :238pts

    29 night goblins w/ spears, nets, 3 fanatics, command :237pts

    26savage orc big uns w/ additional choppa, command :321pts

    5 wolf riders w/ musician :60pts

    5 wolf riders w/ musician :60pts

    Rock lobber :xxpts

    Doomdiver :xxpts

    2 mangler squigs :xxxpts

    2 pump wagons :xxxpts

    Thats it and now, please let me know what you guys think!!

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    I like the list.
    I have had a great experience running the Wizard's hat with my goblins, just keep him out of combat as he is slow and gets chopped up. You could also put the hat on your Orc, with his choppa and t4 he would be alot more survivable then a goblin and you would save 65 points. I have never tried this, but YOU could

    The squig brothers: have you noticed that the great cave squigs is cheaper for a warboss than a big boss?
    That means that its only 15 pts more to get a warboss on a squig than a big boss on a squig. Keep that in mind.

    Nets are very expensive so make them count. Your Night Goblin unit is too small for nets to be worth it in my opinion. You also don't want to get stuck in combat with such a small unit so short bows would serve you better. Either go 60+ with nets, spears and full command, or go 20 with bows, fanatics and no command. Also, having all fanatics in one unit is bad, as one cheap throw-away unit (harpies, fell bets, eagles etc) can trigger all of them.

    Personally I don't think your wolfs need musicians. Wolf riders are great as throw-away units and redirectors, but then you want them as cheap as possible. If you opponent wastes a whole units worth of shooting at your wolfs: bravo! You should feel like you just won a little mind-game. Now in 8th ed, baiting units to charge you and then fleeing doesn't work anymore since they can just redirect. Also, since they are always on the flank, wolfs tend to run off the side table edge. So in my opinion, running + regrouping with a musician doesn't really work.
    If you want them to go hunt warmachines, take spears+shields and run 6 of them in two ranks of three. They are so fast, and so small that they punch through the gaps in your opponents battle line like bullets. 6 spear attacks should also be enough to kill of any warmachine crew.

    The pump wagons and manglers are great! They don't need the generals leadership, so they can stay on the flanks by themselves. Use your doom diver to take out any cheap throw away units that your opponent wants to throw at your manglers. Half way up the table split them up: turn the pump wagons in towards the middle to assault the flank of your opponent's blocks and punch the manglers trough his line to get into his deployment zone.

    You have kind of few infantry models considering its 2400 pts, so more chariots would really help. I would swap two fanatics for a chariot giving you 5 models with impact hits + one fanatic + a doom diver, so you can really thin out your opponent's hoards before hand to hand combat.

    Good luck with the list.
    Last edited by lexingtond; November 6th, 2011 at 13:54.

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