So I'm planning on doing a team tournament with a buddy in April. He's taking Orcs and Goblins and I want to take a list that mitigates his army's inherent weaknesses. I'm not planning on taking Green Skins, but as this post will be more about how to make a list best suited to his, I figured it'd be best to put it in this forum.

So the comp is really simple: No special characters and no lords.

His list is as follows:

lvl1 Savage Orc Shaman
-Shrunken Head

Black Orc Big Boss General
-Shield, Potion of Foolhardiness, Dragonbane Helm

38 Savage Orc Big 'Uns
-Addition Hand Weapon, Musician, Banner

2x2 Goblin Chariots

2 Mangler Squigs

So I'm thinking the only things that will tend to hurt this list are warmachines, monsters, and him flubbing rolls with his Big 'Uns.

I'm kinda leaning towards a Beastmen list including Razorgors for hunting down/distracting warmachines, numbers so that we can flood the field with models, and then Shadow Magic to help the savages hit and maybe pit a hydra or two.

Comments, suggestions?