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    Junior Member ItsjustRuairi's Avatar
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    Competitive 2000 point list

    Hey guys, i recently played a similar list to the one below against my friend's dark elf and skaven armies, but i was running a 20-25 squad of black orcs, but i was really disapointed with them in both games, my single boar chariot on the other hand was amazing, cleaning up the field.
    So here's a new list, dropped the black orcs for chariots.
    Comments and criticism would be appreciated

    Black Orc Warboss + Tricksters Helm + Sword of Strife = 250
    Night Goblin Warboss + Enchanted Shield + Sword of Might + Light Armour = 83
    Night Goblin Great Shaman level 3
    Snagla Grobspit

    24 Orc Big 'Uns + Additional Hand Weapons + Standard + Musician = 236
    9 Deff Creeperz (Spider Riders)
    29 Night Goblins + 3 Fanatics + Musician + Standard = 182
    29 Night Goblins + 3 Fanatics + Musician + Standard = 182

    3 Wolf Chariot Squad
    3 Wolf Chariot Squad

    Doom Diver Catapult

    Total = 2000

    I'm hoping that the chariot squads will be able to dish out impact hits on the flanks, and with they're movement i'd hope to be in combat by the top of turn 2 at the latest.
    Feel free to point out any flaws in the list, and opinions are welcome.
    Thanks guys

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    Senior Member Miko de Adamyetz's Avatar
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    I'm quite new to the game and know nothing about the ways of war, but why don't you swap the NG Warboss for a Big Boss with Battle Standard? You can equip him just the same otherwise, and the points are roughly the same. Also, as someone else pointed out to me before, if your Great Shaman, especially the only caster, is a Night Goblin, he can easily die from the additional dice wounds. I feel you should have at least another lvl2 with a Dispel Scroll. My personal experience says that 3 Fanatics for a single unit is too much, and I would be wary to take six of them, but maybe yours fared better.
    Hope this helps a bit,

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    i am da Wahhchief Digger's Avatar
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    waaaagh 90% Goblins and no BSB? Armylist denied!!!

    Wolf chariots and boar chariots are somewhat different, i'd say that boar chariot you had good effect with, bring it again.
    about wolf chariots: i love em and i don't leave home without these things but a unit of 3 has 2 main downsides:
    1. it has a large frontage and has only 9" move, so you cant expect it to flank as well as other units. Instead 2 chariots will usually end up hitting someones front. still a nasty impact for their points.
    2. 3 chariots need only one casualty to start panictesting, and they panic from goblins nearby aswell (unlike the boar chariot you used) The thing is, that makes a unit of 3 a bit too costly to field in a flank. 1 or 2 would be safer investment.
    If you go for 3 wwolf chariots down your core, to be near the BSB and General and have solid leadership, then these guys work very well, but in that case, i would say bring no more than 1 unit of 3 chariots. maybe spend the points of the others into a boar chariot and pump wagon or so why pump wagon? if he gets shot, nobody takes panic tests, and theyre itp. also have a 360 degrees charge arc, that makes them very usefull in your list.

    just some thoughts, and i agree with Miko's wors 100%
    Eternal Newbie

    Warchief Diggah o da Bloodmoon Squiggahs

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