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    Member Kyarl Deathaxe's Avatar
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    May 2004
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    [2500] Waaaaaagh Gorbad!

    Heres my 1st Ork & Gobbo list please comment......

    Orc Warboss, Drog's Dead Ard Armour, Hacka's sword of hackin. 185pts

    Orc Shaman, Level 2 Wizard, Sizzla's shiny baubles. 135pts

    Orc Big Boss, Wollopa's one hit wunda, Armour of gork, Shield. 112pts

    Night Goblin Shaman, Level 2 Wizard, 2x dispell scroll. 145pts

    25 Orc boyz, Light armour, additional choppa, full command. 203pts

    25 Orc boyz, Light armour, additional choppa, full command. 203pts

    24 Orc Big'Uns, shields, spears, full command, war banner. 293pts

    14 Arrer boyz, light armour. 126pts

    40 Night goblins, spears, full command, 3 fanatics. 215pts

    20 Goblins, full command, light armour, short bows. 100pts

    10 Wolf riders, full command, shields, spears. 150pts

    8 Orc boar boyz, full command. 182pts

    5 Ogre Bulls, 2 hand weapons, crusher, Bellower, Standard Bearer,
    lookout Gnoblar. 250pts

    Giant. 205pts

    Total 2504pts


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    LO Zealot Grimbog Elf Ater's Avatar
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    Oct 2004
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    Hi Kyarl!

    Nice list, but I would make a few little changes to make it more effective:

    - The warboss should have the Best Big Boss At in place of the weapon, and just give him a simple Great Weapon instead.
    - I'd make the orc shaman into another night gobbo one (for the extra mushroom power dice) and give him the Itty ring and either the double doin doo dahs or the dangly wotnotz.
    - Your orcs are ususally better off with shields and their choppa - that way they have a better armour save and get a strength bonus on the first round of combat if they get the charge in. Keep the spear boyz as is, except if you canb squeeze it in, add a war banner or the banner of butchery.
    - Drop the spears from your night gobbos and cut them back to 30 or 35. Use the points to change the common gobbos from archers to hw, shield and light armour gobbos, add command and another 10 models to make them a good combat unit to hold the line for you.
    - Wolf riders should be used in lots of 5-6, so split the unit in to 2 units of 5 each and add only a musician to each one (boss too if points permit, but not necessary). 2 units of 6 would be better if possible (take before boss upgrades).
    - Drop the orc arrer boyz. They aren't designed for shooting!
    - If you are set on Ogres for your rare choice, then I would take either 4 leadbelchers with a thunderfist and bellower; or 4 Ironguts with full command. Bulls aren't that spectacular when compare to them!

    Anyway, I hope yoú've found those comment useful, good luck with the list!
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    Like a thunderstorm he's crushing,
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    You've troubled my day, now feel the pain.
    - Blind Guardian

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    Son of LO MouseC112's Avatar
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    I would go for a Level 4 shaman, the Orc Big Waagh is to good to pass up. Warpath alone is phenomenal when coupled with Morc save use and the re-rolls. Use the re-rolls to prevent the 1's and getting you green boys stomped.

    I use the following hero set up:Night Gobo Great shaman lv4, borgut, gobo shaman lv2
    Lots of magic, and Borgut give you the free Big Un's which saves a buncha points

    I would agree with the following from above wholeheartedly. Night gobo's drop to 30, Regular gobo's increase to 25, Leadbelchers instead of bulls.

    If possible increase the Boar boys to 10 and get them a banner.

    Some range would help too if you drop teh arrer boys you can add a stone thrower and two spear chukkas for almost the same cost
    40K-Beakies(9-14-4),Guard(4-7-2),Orks(34-12-11). FANTASY-Dwarves(15-6-7),Beasts (14-14-1), Skaven (17-17-10) DoC (6-1-2). CYGNAR (28-15-1)

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