So, with all a load of models purchased and a huge production line of night goblins at my painting desk, i needed to work out a list. However, there is a huge problem. I only have 400 points worth. So, does anyone have any advice on the list or comments. Ideas for getting up to 500 cheaply would be appreciated. (I can easily get hold of a goblin or Night goblin shaman if I need too, but do not really want to use it. I am also considering buying some wolf riders, but I would need your opinion of this first.) I would really like to use all of the models that are on the list already.


Silthin: 69
Night Goblin big boss with hand weapon, great weapon and armour of Gork.


32 Night Goblins: 166
With hand weapon, shield, spear, full command group and 2 fanatics.

2 snotling bases: 50


Rock lobber: 75
With 3 crew and orc bully.


Snotling pump wagon: 40

Total 400 pts.