Hello all. I am getting into Warhammer and I have decided to play Orcs. I need advice on my starter list. I want it to not only be decent, but something I can build off on in 250 pt. incriments.


Orc Big Boss-71pts
-Great Axe and Light Armour


Orc Boyz- 163 pts
-Full Command
-27x More Orcs

Orc Boyz-163 pts
-Full Command
-26x Orcs (Hero goes here)

Goblin Wolf Riders- 100 pts
-10x Riders

Goblin Wolf Riders- 100 pts
-10x Riders


Orc Boar Chariot- 80 pts

2x Spear Chukka- 70 pts

742 pts Total

The plan is to have the Boyz and my Hero advance upon the enemy while my Spear Chukkas soften the enemy, shoot any possibly flyers, etc. The Wolf Riders and Chariot are meant to support the rest of the army. I would like the to support the Boyz with flank charges (especially the chariot), but the Wolves can be used to enage other calvery intent on flanking my Boyz or going for my Chukkas. They can also protect the chariot against enemy units.

So what do you guys think? Do you think my plan is a good one? I was thinking about making my hero a Black Orc Boss to help prevent anomosity for the boyz (and using the chariot between the wolf riders to prevent them from attacking each other), but I don't what I would drop to get the 15 points needed. I also have 8 points I don't know how to spend. Suggestions?