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    Tourny Orc and Goblin list Advice PLZ

    2,150 Point Army
    10 Casting dice 6 Dispell dice and 174 units.

    Orc Great Shaman Level 4
    Buzgob's Knobbly Staff, Dispel scroll, and power stone 315

    Orc Big Boss Battlestandard Barer
    Morks Spirit Totem

    Night goblin shaman level 2
    Staff of Sorcery

    Goblin Shaman level 2
    Nibbla's Itty Ring , Ditto's Double Doin Doo-Dahs. and Wolf


    22 Orc Boys
    Muisican only

    20 Savage Boys
    Muisican only

    20 Goblins
    Muisican only

    20 Goblins
    Muisican only

    20 Night Goblins
    Muisican and 2 Fanatics

    20 Night Goblins
    Muisican only

    5 Goblin Wolf Riders
    Boss and Muisican

    5 Goblins Wolf Riders
    Boss and Muisican


    18 Black Orcs
    Boss, Great weapon, Shield and Muisican

    2 Goblin Chariots
    Extra Crew on each

    2 Goblin Spear Chukka's
    Both with Bullies

    1 Goblin Rock Lobber


    1 Giant

    Ok i've used a varition of this list for about 2 years now with Great successes and very very few losses. Iv recently droped a unit of bigguns and a orc chaiot to get the black orcs and savage orcs reason for the savage orcs is a fearless unit i can relie on to charge because orc leader **** is crap and the black orcs for my great shaman to sit in without worring about animionsty.

    My army is good at just about everything good magic mass units decent fighting units and decent ranged attack. I mainly us the wolf boys on the flanks along with a chaiot on each side and keep the gaint near the heavly gaurded side i run the wolf riders 18 forward on the 1st turn to cause alittle havak if needed i can cast waaggh or hand of gork to charge on the first turn witch can screw an oppoints plans up big time i use the goblins as meat shield all my important units ignore there panic and the goblins can be enough pain where people will need to clear them out i keep the black orcs in the center with the orc boys on one flank and the savage boys on the other and march forward while the goblins are shoot to pieces if the goblins dont get shoot up they are used as small unit crushers or used to flank the enemy this is where my strong magic comes into play with spells like waaggh and hand of gork i can recall man a times that one waaggh has turn the tides of a battle and won the game.

    My Great Shaman can reroll one spell cast per magic phase witch is super helpfun for miscast witch is deadly for us orcs. Spells play an important roll in this army but i cant still do well without them. I wanna try keeping my standard barer and great shaman in the black or group that would give me a nice solid unit with 2+ magic resist but im alittle worried that it might make it tooo big of a target. Also i get +2 to dispell with can really hurt all but the most magic heavy armies.
    Iv got lots more tricks with this army but this is getting a bit long .

    So can anyone point out some blaring weaknesses or any improvements

    Thanks for any comments

    Mod Edit: please space up yu text, it will help other users understand your points, and also give them a better eye treatment.
    - Wolf_Pack

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