I'm very new to warhammer and would like some help with this army i came up with. My theme is night goblins with ogre mercenaries. As the army expands i will field as many ogre units as the dogs of war rules allows while still keeping a night gobbo theme.

heres my 1000 pt army list to start out:

Night Goblin Warboss (71)
light armor, shield

36 Night Goblins (220)
3 Fanatics
9 netters
spears, shields, full command

24 Night Goblins (92)
Spears, Shields, Full command

10 wolf riders (150)
spears, shields, light armor, full command

wolf chariot (60)
3 crew, 2 wolves

8 irongut mercenaries (404)
standard bearer

I really like this idea as i love gobbos and ogres but i really need some advice from seasoned warhammer players. plz help.