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    Orcs & Gobbos - 2000 points - Friendly

    Hi All,
    as you know by the sub-title this is my first ever FB army list, i'm looking for any and all suggestions on how to improve my list, and for people to see if anything is illegal or just not right,

    Lords + Heroes- 626 points

    Orc Warboss, Drogz Dead 'Ard Armour, Great Axe, Sizzla's shiny baubles
    =181 points

    Orc Shaman, Level 2, Staff of Baduum
    =150 points

    Orc Shaman, Level 2, Buzgobs Knobbly staff
    =150 points

    Night Goblin Shaman, Level 2, Ditto's Doublin Doin Doo-Dah's, Dispel Scroll
    =145 points

    Core- 739 points

    Orc Boys, 20 Strong, Additional Hand Weapons, Musician, Standard Bearer and Boss
    =168 points

    Orc Boys, 20 Strong, Spears and Shields, Musician, Standard Bearer and Boss
    =188 points

    Goblin Wolf Riders, 10 Strong, Spears and Shields, Musician, Standard Bearer and Boss
    =150 points

    Night Goblins 20 Strong, Spears, 3 Netters, 3 Fanatics, Musician, Standard Bearer and Boss
    =161 points

    Night Goblins, 20 Strong, Short Bows, Musician and Standard Bearer
    =72 points

    Special- 634 points

    Black Orcs, 19 Strong, Great Axe's, Musician, Standard Bearer and Boss, Noggs Banner of Butchery
    =286 points

    Orc Boar Boys, 10 Strong, Big 'Uns, Musician, Standard Bearer and Boss, the Bashin Flag of Bork
    =268 points

    Orc Boar Chariot
    =80 points

    Thanks for reading,

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    Hey. No one else is helpin' us out, so we might as well help each other.

    First Off, this is just a personal thing I guess, but here is one swap I would suggest if you would like:

    Change one of your Orc Shamans into a Night Goblin Shaman, make them both Lv.1 and just use em for dispels, and things like Nibblas Ring, which allows for a free headbutt a turn.
    The points this frees up should allow your remaining orc shaman to take to the boars, allowing him to move 14" a turn and cast. Quite wicked (also gives him +2 to armor).

    Your core selections are good, I am using 2 of them myself right now, the first set of Orcs and your goblin wolf riders. Im not sure on the numbers, but what I would suggest if you can make this swap work is giving one of the squads of orcs the Big-uns upgrade (id choose the spearguard myself as they have more easy stickin' around) and DROP the night goblin shooters Orcs aren't a shooty army and the greenskins would be ashamed if they tried it get those gobbos spears and shields and make the horde you dreamt of. (another point to consider is keeping one of those new and cheap night gobbo shamans with Madcap Mushrooms and keeping him in here)

    Lastly, your special choices. I've noticed its really hard to go wrong with the orc elite, because they all rape sooo much. As long as you stick to the theme, its hard to go wrong, and you've done a bang up job. I'm using the similar Savage Orc Boar Boyz, although only 7 of em and I've also given em that banner before. I wouldn't use that chariot or the black orcs, but I'm glad to see you are, and at least your using them together, as they are very well suited.

    All in All, I am pretty sure I'd tool ya. Unless you tool'd me. Good list!
    Quick! Wile 'es ded!

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