This is my first army list and I'm doing it with the model I got, so it would not be easy to modify it exept maybe for the magic item. But if you have somme suggestion you can always tell them(It might be the next thing I buy:ninja: ).

Orc great shaman-lvl4-dispel scroll, Sizzla's shiny baubes- 275 pts

Orc big boss- Nibbla's itty ring-light armour, shield- 94pts(general)
Night goblin big boss- battle standard bearer(Nogg's Banner of Butchery)- 80 pts
Night goblin shaman-lvl2-dispel scroll-120 pts

Giant- 205 pts
10 duelist- two hand weapon, throwing knife- musician, champion- 110 pts (common goblin converted to have throwing knife and second hand weapon)

10 Savage orc boar boyz- spear-warpaint- full command- 248 pts
2 wolf chariot- spear- 126 pts
2 Spear Chukka- 70 pts
1 Rock Lobber- 70 pts

20 orc boyz- spear, shield- full command- 188pts (big boss goes there)
19 orc boyz big'uns-shield- full command(Gork's Waaagh! Banner)- 210 (orc shaman goes there)
10 goblin wolf riders-spear, shield- full command- 150 pts
37 night goblin- spear- musician, boss, 3 fanatic, 3 netters-204 pts (bsb goes there)

total: 2150 pts
Power dice:8
Dispel dice:5
Dispell scroll:2
Total model:114