mixed list for WHFB Spring League - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    mixed list for WHFB Spring League

    this is my list for the brisbane fantasy spring league. my first game with it ended in a massacre to me, but i rolled a lot of sixes. please help me achieve maximum killyness; i dont have any qualms about using what some would call a beardy list, but i am restricted in unit selection because GW only play WYSIWYG. i know this is an army list but i tried to post it in the list section and met with "Error: you need tags and st00f", so im putting it here.

    black orc big boss 85
    heavy armor 4
    [ he is the army general and goes in the unit of 19 big uns]

    night goblin big boss 30

    19 orc boyz 95
    shields 19
    big uns 38
    lite armor 0
    standard, musician 15

    25 orc boyz 125
    spears, shields 75
    lite armor 0
    FC 30

    30 night goblins 90
    spears 30
    shields 0
    3 fanatics 75
    standard, musician 12

    7 wolf riders 84
    spears 30
    lite armor 0
    musician 6

    5 savage orc boar boyz 105
    spears, shields 20
    boss, standard 31

    total: 999

    i also have enough models for 20 or so more orcs with 2 choppas, and 20 night gobbos with bows (kinda useless).
    thanx in advance

    greenskinz ftw
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    *moved to army list section*

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