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    2000 pts friendly game

    EDIT: Some point totals removed to respect GW copyright. ~DavidVC04

    Hi all,

    Been one month that I came back to greenskin and love all the convertion possibility that the army offer (and with 40k ork I'm pretty happy ^_^ ) and after some hard convertion with orc I finnaly decide to make a 2000 pts list so here is it:

    1 Black Orc Warboss @ 275 Pts
    Heavy Armour; Ulag's Akk'rit Axe; Bigged's 'ed Kickin Boots
    Warboss Um's Best Big Boss At; Enchanted Shield; Boar

    1 Black Orc Big Boss @ 180 Pts
    Heavy Armour; Battle Standard; Morks Spirit Totem; Boar

    1 Savage Orc Big Boss @ 172 Pts
    Light armour; Shield; Martog's Best Basha

    23 Orc Boyz @ 168 Pts
    Shield; Full command

    23 Orc Boyz @ 168 Pts
    Shield; Full command

    15 Orc Boyz @ 120 Pts
    2 Choppa; Boss

    15 Orc Boyz @ 120 Pts
    2 Choppa; Boss

    6 Goblin Spider Riders

    9 Goblin Wolf Riders @ 144 Pts
    Spear; Short Bow; Standard; Musician

    1 Rock Lobber

    1 Rock Lobber

    2 Spear Chukka

    5 Savage Boar Boyz @ 149 Pts
    Frenzy; Choppa; Spear; Warpaint; Shield; Musician; Boss

    1 Giant

    Casting Pool: 2
    Dispel Pool: 2 +3 (totem)
    Models in Army: 119
    Total Army Cost: 1999

    My warboss with 1+/5+, 5 attack S5 with reroll,T5 should do the job and keep those boys under control. Bsb is here for some magic defense and the savage chariot, well, he try to flank charge combining with another squad to overwhelm the enemy with attack.

    Two squad of 23 (25 with boss) is my main core. The two little squad of 15 are on each side to try to flank or/and help the other squad with their amount of attack.

    5 spider rider is there to flank or for some warmachine hunt. The wolf does the same job but with more versibility with their bows and spear and still got some meat to survive some shoot.

    Warmachine, well....they try to shoot something -_-

    The little 5 savage boar boys squad and giant are mostly there to scare the opponent. These are some squad that can do alot of damage combining with other squad. They should be the number one target of my opponent (depending on his tactic ) but if they reach the combat then the fun begin.

    So what do you think? Should be competitive? Thanks for future help :lol:

    PS: The giant is still not buy and the savage boar boys are not converted yet so need some tips before converting/buying them.

    Last edited by DavidWC09; December 19th, 2006 at 23:48.

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