Expanding on my 1000pt list idea, here is what I came up with for 2000pts. I really want to include Grimgor as he just looks absolutely NAILS!


Grimgor ironhide=375


Orc big boss(BS+light armour+Gork's waagh banner=122

Orc shaman+lvl2+2 dispel scrolls=155

goblin shaman+lvl2+staff of sneaky stealin=140


20 orc boyz (big uns!)+shields+FC=230

20 orc boyz+shields+FC=150

20 night gobs+spears+musician+boss+fanatic=117

6 Spider riders+musician=84

6 Wolf riders+spears+musician=84


Orc chariot=80

2x spear chukkas+2x bullys=80

Rock lobba=70

15 Black orcs+shields+FC+Nogg's banner of butchery=273


Snotling pump wagon=40


The idea would be grimgor goes with the balck orcs obviously, the BSB with the big un's. I'm not sure about the shamans, I've set them up to hopefully stop most enemy magic. Any opinions would be welcome