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    2000 O&G list. first time

    I've been playing VC for a while now and plan to continue to keep playing them but also want to have a army with some life to them. I've gotten my hands on some O&G as well as a couple giants that I had purchased. This is the first list i feel will do well but could also use some input of some vet. O&G players.

    241 Black orc warboss/ heavy armour, enchant shield, Martog's Best Basha, Effigy of Mork, Bigged's Kickin' Boots

    126 Black orc bigboss/ Heavy armour, shield, Warboss imbad's iron gnashas, the collar of zorga

    135 goblin shaman/ lvl 2 wizard, dispell scroll, nibbla's 'itty ring

    150 orc shaman/ lvl 2 wizard, dispell scroll, amulet of protectyness

    139 night goblinsX20 / musician, 3 fanatics

    150 orc boyzX20/ command, shields

    230 orc boyzX20/ command, shields, big'un's

    110 goblin wolf ridersX8 / spears, musician

    110 goblin spider ridersX8 / musician

    318 Black orcsX20 / command, shields

    70 spear chukkasX2

    205 Giant

    This army is actualy 16 points short(will probably become a 6+ ward save for my bigboss) and is baised around the models i have. The only big changes im thinking would be droping the giant and putting in a doom diver and another 8 wolf riders or taking out the black orc unit and putting in 20 savage orcs with extra hand weapons.

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    drop giant, add 2 doom divers and a command with nets on your night gobbos. Your army is hard hitting enough.. add some long range and boast up your n. gobbos... other than that it looks pretty solid.


    cut the black orcs in half to 10 and add 1 doom diver and the command to n. gobbos.

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