Hey everyone, I'm a mortals chaos player playing against orcs for the first time and I was wondering if you'd be willing to shed some light on them.
I know for the most part what my opponent in bringing:
20 orc boyz
20 orc boyz big un's
20-25 black orcs with Grimgore in the Unit
2 Orc Shamen
5-10 boar boyz
5-10 savage boar boyz
1 chariot
10 spider riders
2 spear chukkas
1 doom diver

I have alot of options as to what I can bring but im not sure what is best to bring against orcs.
Any ideas on how to defeat them?
I know for a fact I'm going to have to flank or rear his black orc unit ... grimgore has 7 str 7 attacks + hates everyone