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Thread: orc help

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    orc help

    hey i'm just starting out to make orcs, i have bretonnians too, but i'm buying for armies. I was just checking of what i should buy i got right now

    10 black orc boss's

    16 orc boyz

    14 arrer boys

    and one general that i'm going to say is a black orc warboss

    any pointers would be great and a bit of a story to get me thinking of my armys history would be great. i read the book but i dont have great creativity at points and today is one of them. plezz help me

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    Okay. You seem to have a lot of Orcs at this stage. And they are only Core and Special footslogging units too. IMO I think that you should bring in some night goblins because (apart from being extremely cool looking). Dont use Night Goblin archers however as i find that they tend to be a bit crap at shooting but they have their uses which i shall tell you about in due time. Night Goblin spearmen are always a good investment as they act as a "meat shield" for the rest of your army. they are totally expendible and if you lose one unit of them its not like "OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!1. I'M DOOMED" More likely it will be your opponent that is scared shitless because he will suspect that you NG unit contains fanatics and these little hyper active drugged up goblins ROCK. Just put all your NG units in front of your army put 2-3 fanatics in each unit and either rush towards the enemy or wait for them to come to you. then once they are within 8 inches...BAM!!!.

    Fanatics are possibly the best thing that an orc and gobbo army can possibly have. At 25 points/piece they are a great buy. in one game i was playing, on the turn that the fanatics were released, two of the three fanatics ripped through two seperate units of beastmen, killing every single last one.

    Back to night goblin archers. If you line the unit up in 2 ranks of 10 then it will look like a genuine shooting unit and your opponent will not expect it to conceal fanatics. when he charges you then he will get a nice suprise!

    Hope this helps
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