Although I do not play orcs and goblins (I play tomb kings) my friend and I thought it would be funny to make an army for Ron Paul. We decided on using orcs and goblins for the project (since I have a few goblins lying around from skull pass and because of the lack of good spelling on the orcs part) we already have mini campaign signs I made that say "Rawn Pawl" to replace the tips of the spears for the goblins, and also we plan on getting a giant and making a larger campaign sign to put on his big stick that they call a club. I also want to get fanatics and when i do i will probably write Da I'llary Smasha on the first fanatic's steel ball, on the second fanatic's weapon i will write Da Bama Basha and on the third and final fanatic i will write Da Cain Crusha. On all of these i will write in red and I will try to give them a dripping paint effect so that it would seem the writing was done quickly and carelessly. I want to get some orc Boyz as well and a warboss on a wyvern but I need ideas to theme them around the Ron Paul campaign, or should i say Da Rawn Pawl A'mpaign. Also any ideas to include other units and how i would theme them around Da Rawn Pawl A'mpaign would be widely accepted. We want to try to get this army in the glass case at our local warhammer store so funny ideas all accepted8Y