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    Thinking of starting orcs and goblins...

    Hey everyone,

    I've played chaos and vampire counts, but i hated the new vampire counts book, and i dont like chaos all that much really.... so i'm looking at orcs and goblins cause i like close combat!

    so a couple of questions:
    - how dangerous is, say a black orc warboss? like really? i know they're worse than chaos lords, but other than that, how are they? i know the staline, but not the magic items or rules or anything, so i was wondering, what would you compare one to? like, can it kill a vampire lord, a saurus oldblood, a tomb king, etc...

    - do they have their own magic lore? how good is it? how good is magic in general in this army?

    - can this army be played in a way that doesnt use a lot of models? i dont really care either way, cause i already have two skull pass sets worth of goblins, but can it be played "elite"?

    Thank you very much to anyone who isnt bored by the title which they've seen 10 thousand times, and actually bother to answer my questions

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    Greenskins rock, no matter what happens during a game. Even when everything explodes and you lose terribly, they're still great fun.

    BO Warboss: Generally the best lord choice we've got. He comes with a great statline and a great array of weaponry from being a black orc. I find warbosses in general to be better at infantry killing than character-hunting, ever since our magic item list got trimmed down a tad. Still, it can be fun to just toss the Battleaxe of the Last WAAAGH onto him every once in a while just to be able to tell your opponent you have a character with 7 strength 8 attacks at initiative. Quell animosity is hugely useful, as well as his high leadership. I heartily suggest tossing him on a boar in a unit of boyz; not only is this the only real way to get him a good armor save, it also looks great. Overall, a great choice and one that is made almost whenever possible. I wouldn't count on him being able to single-handedly take on a tooled-up vampire lord or the like, he just isn't that powerful. Not that expensive either,though.

    Magic: Greenskins get the lores of the Big and Little WAAAGHs,for orc and goblin shamans respectively. Some interesting spells, some worthless ones as well. Overall not hugely powerful, but pretty decent nonetheless. Often though, it's best to just go with lots of magic defense, as one particular magic banner and a shaman with one particular arcane item can provide quite a decent amount of dispel dice. Still,very fun to grab a night goblin shaman with 5 magic mushrooms and see how many spells he can sling before his head explodes.

    Elites: Generally,no. The biggest strength of the army is,in my opinion, Orc Boyz. Incredible units for their cost,those orcs. One could conceivably run a list with minimal units of boys and lots of black orcs, but that wouldn't be such a great list I should think. You could also try an all-mounted list with plenty of chariots and boar boys, that can actually work quite well often enough. I would take advantage of the great efficiency of the Orc though, if I had to give some advice. As you've got plenty of gobbos already, a night goblin army is very feasible. Check around in the army list section for plenty of ideas.

    Also,check THIS page out. Plenty of great tips. Good luck........also WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!

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