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    dilema about my 2k list

    I have a 2k list currently in the army list section. For the same monetary and points costs (close enough anyway), I have 3 options. The current configuration is an extra unit of Addtl choppa boyz (20). or I can make 1 20 man orc unit big uns, and pick up 2 spear chukkas. Or I can make 1 unit of orcs big uns, and pick up 2 squig herds. Let me know your thoughts. My main opponent is lizardmen. He will run either a slann or a salamander, he's not sure at this time. thanks again

    secondarily, do squig herds count as skirmishers? I read their rules and am a little confused on how they work. if I buy 2 5 man teams, do they run together ranked up, together as skirmishers, or do they count as 2 seperate special choices? thanks for the help

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    Unfortunately I don't have my book on me at the moment althoug I am pretty sure that squig herds form into a unit as such and are not skirmishers.

    Now with those options that you were talking about. Hmmm... its all a matter of taste I think although looking at your list I don't think that the sqig herds would be the best thing to add to the list.

    That said it narrows it down to 2 options... I personally would keep the standard orcs over the big uns' the extra point to upgrade orcs to big uns' could be used better elsewhere.

    I am not sure about the spear chukkas in your list and it might be worth throwing in a rock lobba... I think I have a preference to these rather than spear chukkas as I love guess range war machines... at least the template will hit something but if you roll a miss on the "to hit" roll on spear chukkas that's it.

    Looking at our list it wouldn't hurt to have that extra war machine or two...

    That is just how I am feeling. Hope it helps you in some way.

    There is nothing more annoying when your Wyches with Plasma Grenades get "Always strikes First" for their combat drugs!

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