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    Are Night gobbos more than a dream?!

    So I've bought the battle for skull pass twice now, because my brother used it to make a dwarf army...
    Any way now i have like 220 + night gobbos, which is cool and all, but i want them to be good.
    Now fanatics and squiggs seem pretty decent, and the goblin doom diver, but idk really wat else.
    My main thing though is I want a competitive all goblin list!!
    maybe not be like a tournament winner, but something decent. And I know its possible!
    It doesn't have to be straight N. Gobbo, but all goblin is really what I'm aiming for.

    So does anyone have any advice for me?


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    You can actually find that with a Goblin force they can be quite competitive, its all a matter of getting a good composition to your list and it isn't that bad.

    What you should always remember is that goblins are cheap and as a result it is quite easy to fill mandatory slots in a list and have lots of points to spare for the special and rare section of your list.

    These days I play a pure goblin list which consists of some big blocks of goblins, I then back it up with some war machines, spear chukkas, rock lobbas and a doom diver. I find that by blocks of infantry hold well and the spear chukkas, rock lobbas and doom diver go for the hard targets and I leave the gobbos to take on enemy rank and file troops.

    The biggest problem you will find with Goblins is the low leardership so you will need to see to it that you have a Goblin warboss in the centre of your force making sure that you are getting the most out of that leadership.

    I find that things like small units of spider riders are also great or wolf riders if you prefer them, as they can get in the way of your opponent and you can use them to pull enemy units out of position allowing you to flank charge... there is nothing more priceless then having a unit of 30 goblins take down Knorne chosen knights becuase you were able to expose a flank.

    Sure Gobins stat line is deplorable by most standards but I must say that you will easily outnumber most foes 3:1 or better generally and that is what can make the difference. One of the tricks is finding that right size of gobbos, I find 30-40 is the range you want and with some clever deployement you can minimise the risk of being paniced on the way to battle.

    One of the reasons though I love the pure gobbo forces is their unpredicatble nature... one game they can smash through an opponents army and the next they see something and they flee off the table. They are fun and with the right combonations on the table and some tactical planning and they can be competetive and its can be challenging. But the best thing about Goblins is that they are fun to play and are always the underdogs...

    I think I am bias as I now have over 5000pts of gobbos night and normal and they just keep growing and I never get sick of using them they are fun and can be quite competetive.

    So to make them competeive you need nice big blocks of them 35 7wide X 5 deep...

    Make sure you take a Goblin warboss and have him central to your deployement to get your best LD

    Have a new cheap throw away units to protect your army and to draw out enemy charges and get the enemy out of place.

    Squig hoppers and herds can be quite potent against enemy infantry and if they do break they will also do some more damage before disappearing.

    Fanatics for some reason people fear and you use that fear to your advantage. I have seen Bretonnian Grail Knights do their best to avoid a unit of 20 night goblins in that there might be fantaics when there wasn't any there. While I have seen a unit of 10 black knights charge a unit of night goblin archers and lose every single knight before they could complete the charge...

    Go with some war machines and or some big creatures like giants to deal with those hard to kill units like knights...

    Never underestimate how good a Goblin character can be in combat

    Also you will want to have a few goblin sharmans on the table.

    On a side note if you want to go all night goblin then take Skarsnik as your general... he's pretty solid and combined with his special rules it can give the Night goblin horde a good showing... I use him when I run my "Night Goblins of the Blue Moon" ... originally it was a sad pun that they would only win once in a blue moon but now they win more then they lose.
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    Not much to add to Malkeith's dissertation! All I will add is a general point on playing OnG that is amplified by an all-goblin list. Never take a second panic test. You need to learn to deploy, move, and charge in such a way that panic doesn't have an opportunity to cascade.

    For example, do you have a small easy to destroy unit of fast cav on your flank? Evaluate when you place them, does the enemy have shooting or magic that could wipe them out on turn 1 where they are? If so, make sure they're more than 6" from the end of your line! Similarly when moving them remember to evaluate where they are likely to take shooting from or what direction they will likely flee from a charge. Make sure it's not through more gobbos!

    Another thing I always do with my Orcs is to use chariots as buffer space in my battle line. As irritating as it is that Chariots can't take table quarters and flanks, it also means they can't spread panic! You create 50mm wide buffer zones in your battle line that are filled with hard hitting units. Not only do they attract fire toward a non-panicing target, but if one of the mobs on either side flees from something, that buffer means they're less likely to cross over another mob as the flee and spread panic.

    Those are just two examples, but the general advice is, learn to play the game with a 'psychology mitigation' mindset.

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    The other thing you might want to consider is using as many fear causing creatures in your army as possible such as trolls and the like. This way you can move them in and break an enemy heavy cavalry through outnumbering with Fear Causing after winning combats through CR and nicking the odd wound here and there (and vomiting on them!!).

    I'm not sure, but are Giant Spiders fear causers?

    Giants are another obvious choice, as well as maybe a couple of units of Ogres - who are natural allies, as Gobbos tend to be richer than Orcs due to their naturally malign cleverness

    Finally - lots of fanatics - they are annoying at best, and devestating at worst.

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