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    1000 pts - help?

    Howdy fellas (and ladies),

    I'll be playing tomorrow evening for the first time (ever) against a friend's VC army as a shakedown for a tournament on Saturday. I'm more interested in a general purpose army than an anti-VC army for now. (If he wins I'll be singing a different tune very shortly.) Anyway, here is what I have so far:

    black orc big boss, boar, hvy armor
    orc big boss, BSB, light armor
    orc shaman, lvl 2
    10 blorcs, full command
    20 boyz, full command
    10 arrer boyz, musician only
    30 nt gobbos, musician only
    boar chariot
    rock lobba
    1 troll

    That leaves me with 51 pts to spend. I'm considering:

    a war banner, 25
    an idol of mork, 50
    shields for the blorcs, 10
    best boss 'at and/or talisman of protection for my general and/or my BSB, 30/15
    itty ring, 20
    orc bully for the rock lobba, 5
    dispel scroll / power stone, 25 ea.

    I'm also considering trimming the nt gobbos down from 30 to 25 or 20 to free up more points for the goodies listed above.

    Thanks for your input!

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    Personally, i would Ditch the troll, i've never had much luck with them, and you pretty much have to have a Char with them to kill the poor Ld.
    Get your Gen the Boss Hat. And give your shaman WAAAGH Paint(he'll be in combat most likely, make sure hes got a "escort").
    Thats 40 points right there from the troll.
    51 points to spend hmmm i would get either A: 2 Fanatics or B: lose the NGs alltogether and get some more Orc Boys, and by my calculations that'll give you 145 points, if you wanted you could get 20 more boyz with Shields and a Musician for 125, then give your full command Orc mob shields, If they got Shields already(you didn't list) give the Blorcs shields and add a Standard to that second Orc boy Mob.

    thats my 2 teeth, and if you like saving money just get the Fanatics Box

    Edit: man i just realised this was yesterday and your playing today, curse my job
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