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    Starting O&G but what do I start with?

    Hey hey guys i am starting a O&G becuase they look cool, there realy fun and there tough and strong on the battlefield. My question is what is a good starting point? i have the army book should i get the battleforce? or build my army up unit by unit ? also what are your views on squigs? some of my mates say there real good some say they are realy bad.



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    First things first, you want the battle for skull pass box. This gets you a nice big lump of gobbo, some characters and (almost as importantly) the nice small rulebook.

    Getting 3 boxes of fanatics is a good second step if you want to put some squigs in. You will probably want the 'natics for your NG units, and they come each with a small squig on the sprue. 3 20mm bases later and hey presto! most of a unit of squigs.

    Another box of NGs can add bulk to the 2 spears units, or you can combine the 2 spear units and have a unit with hw/shields. Either way, you can probably take out a gobbo or 2 and use them as herders.

    Squigs are a bit useless as a unit of 5 though, so you'll probably want to buy another blister or 2 to beef the unit a bit. for 90 points, the unit of 3 teams is VERY nasty, they can pump out a LOT of s5 attacks, and if they fail, well that unit was <100 points. Congratulations to your opponent. Trust me, squigs, like fanatics, have BIG psychological implications.

    After that, you probably want to add some muscle to your army. Black orcs and orcs are both very viable, esp. if the orcs are upgraded to big uns. a big un is pretty much as good as a Borc, but with less armour. I personally prefer 2 choppas on my boyz, but you can make your own mind up with that.

    Character wise, I like to go magic heavy. The orcy magic compliments them very well, either 2 orc shamans or 1 orc, 1 NG shaman. The orc can carry either the itty ring or horn of urgok, the NG takes 2x MM and a scroll. A black orc hero can make a good leader, as he can quell animosity in your big uns if you put him with them, this gives you 2 guaranteed d6" waaagh!s when you call it, and also 2 guaranteed charges if you need with a unit of black orcs next to them. Give him whichever of the 2 bound items the shaman doesn't take, the black orc has enough hitting power that he doesn't really need extra magic weapon.

    Anyway, I've probably overflooded you with info here, have a read and see what takes yor fancy. If it seems cool and silly, or like it could just as easily massacre your own troops, then take it! Check out my ToP WIP in the projects section!

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