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    1000 O&G army semi pro

    hey everybody i,m a casual player from holland.
    I made the following army list wich i like to use. I dont play tournaments jet but i aim to in the future. I would like to hear your oppinions about the following army list.

    things i,m interested in are,
    -big boss build (like giving boar but losing armed to da teeth.
    -the orc units armed with either shields or choppa's i like 1 of both)
    -shaman builds, no dispel scroll focussing on offensive power and goblin v orc)
    -trading the chariot for a unit of squiq hoppers as a powerfull flanking unit)
    -spider riders v wolf riders

    tactic is use is fast c on both flanks. n goblins on 1 flank general in middle 2th orc unit other flank. advance using the n.goblins only as divertion since i dont use fanatics. shoot enemy flankers with spear chukka's and focussing magic on powerfull enemy units like cav/ogres and such.

    also note i got 21 points to much but i dont know where to lose them.

    thx in advance and dont mind my spelling cheers.


    Black orc big boss 85 (join orc unit with choppa+shield)
    Heavy armour + shield 6
    warboss umm best boss 30

    n.goblin shaman 50 (joins n.goblins)
    nibbla itty ring 30

    orcshaman 65 (join orc unit with additional choppa
    extra lvl 35

    core units

    24 orc boys 120
    shields 24
    full command 30

    24 orc boys 120
    additional choppa 48
    full command 30

    19 n.goblins 57
    full command 20

    5 spider riders 65
    musician 6

    5 wolf riders 60
    spears 5
    musician 6

    special units

    2 spear chukka's 70

    1 goblin wolf chariot 60

    total 1021

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    18 (x2)

    The Night Goblin unit has to be at least 20 strong
    19 is illegal in game terms

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