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Thread: 2250 Help

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    2250 Help

    Hey. I am going to trade my Dark Elf Army for a O&G one and I needed some help on what I should be looking for, as I am completely ignorant to an army list. I am shooting for a 2250 so wanted an army list so I can get the best trade possible. I wanted a mix list of Orcs and Gobbos, or a full Orc list. I want it to be as competitive as possible, so fluff isn't a factor for me. And I would like to use artillery if I could then a balanced force to follow. Additional wants are:

    1) I like Black Orcs so I'd like to use them.
    2) Doom Diver's seem cool, and if they are I'd like to implement them.
    3) I want a force that can hold it's own against any other army, and if not, "most armies"
    4) I prefer not to go magic heavy, but I don't want to get slammed by magic either.
    5) Uses artillery
    6) Again, I want the most competitive list I can get.

    Thanks for the help =)

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    This isn't a full list by any means, but this should get you started:

    Orc Warboss, screaming sword, poss 1 or 2 other item

    Black orc BB, BSB, horn of urgok

    lv2 NG shaman, scroll, 2x MM

    lv2 Orc shaman, itty ring, scroll

    23 orc big uns, 2 choppas (BSB goes here, plus orc shaman) (6x4)

    30 NG, nets, full command, 3 fanatics

    Another large ish unit of orcs (if you can get savage orc big uns then go for it!)

    A few more cheap units of gobbos if you can

    2 spear chukkas

    Rock lobba

    2 Doom divers

    23 Black orcs (6x4)

    This should give you most of a good base for an army, I don't like writing out full lists for people as it takes away your own experience and opinions, and I'd expect you to change it anyway. But this should stand you in good stead.

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