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Thread: Orcish gunline?

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    Orcish gunline?

    Hey all you orc and goblin generals, today the question I pose is, how credible would an orcish gunline be? I'm thinking around 2000 points. Look at it this way. for under five hundred points you could have: four spear chukkas, two rock lobbers, and two Doom Divers, all with orc bullies. Some armies like Dark elves or High elves would take just four bolt throwers for 400 points!

    Now you could get Gorbad and a unit boar boyz for a countercharge unit when the enemy gets too close, a couple of units of wolf riders (maybe five with bows and a musician) to run out at full speed and march block, some orc or goblin archers just because they're so cheap, and three shamans.

    Thats 8 war machines (even more than those crazy dwarf armies) fast cavalry, archer, 3 wizards, and some tough cavalry.

    What are your thoughts? Should orcs use gunlines?

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    I'd even be tempted to drop spmething for Ruglud's armoured orcs, crossbows are SO useful in this sort of army. Also, take a lot of magic, I'd be tempted to go for a great shaman and a pair of level 2s with a black orc BSB to help stop the GS suffering from animosity. Stick em both in a chunky unit of big uns and you have a nice anchor to your battleline. The Gobbo GS is possibly the better option here, though the orc has the better Ld. Possibly I'd go for Orc GS and 2 gobbo lv2s.
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    This is the kind of army I tend to run.
    But I keep a special slot open for black orcs by only running 2 spear chukkas. Though id probably prefer them to an extra rock lobber.
    Tends to work pretty well with night goblin great shaman, night goblin shaman, orc shaman and black orc bigg boss to lead.
    You can just shoot the enemy up until they get close and then counter-waagh with big units of orcs.
    I stick small goblin units with single fanatics and small units of spider riders on the flanks to keep them safe.

    Generally aiming for oppo warmachines first has brought me the most sucess.

    However, it is an army that can go spectacularly wrong...
    misfires and miscasts and animosity...
    But it hasn't failed me often...

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