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Thread: 30 big uns' FTW

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    30 big uns' FTW

    this seems so be my answer to every thing.... 30 biguns 6 rows of 5 with spears and shields

    What do you call a lasgun with a lazer scope?
    a twin linked lasgun.... HA haha haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by iCON View Post
    this seems so be my answer to every thing.... 30 biguns 6 rows of 5 with spears and shields
    It is a power unit but pretty costly and pretty easy to avoid.

    I would probably just have 21 savage big uns with spears, full command, the banner of butchery, and line em' up 6 across. You would be looking at a potentional 35 attacks the turn you get charged . You could also stick a blork in there to keep them from misbehaving with animosity.

    If frenzy is a problem for you, then have a unit of fast cav. go infront of them to prevent any unwanted charges and have the fast cav. flee if you get charged. Your opponent will either have to redirect into the big uns or you could charge them the next turn. Remember that it will usually be better for you if you get charged, unless you think they will be able to kill quite a few of your orcs, in that case I would try to get the charge off.

    In the end you will free up some points and have a more effective unit.

    Hope this helped,

    Over and out.
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