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    New to Fantasy - WoC, Orcs, or VC?

    Looking at the various models available to the races, I'm particularly attracted to the night goblins, and the warriors of chaos models. From an overall lore perspective, I have always been a fan of vampires.

    I have picked up the Battle for Skull pass starter set so far. If I were to aim towards building an army of around 2,000 points which would be cheaper overall ($ wise) to build, considering I already have some goblins from Skull Pass? In addition, which army do you guys generally find more enjoyable to paint, and to plwy with?

    From what I have read so far, it seems like Chaos is a very strong army, but I'm not sure how tactically diverse it is - it just seems like a march forward and hulk smash type of army to me (I could be way off, I really don't know). As such, Warriors of Chaos seems pretty simple tactically, but they do seem fairly easy and fun to paint.

    Orcs & Goblins are typically a horde type of army, and rely on their ranks and numbers to win combat resolution. Given large unit sizes of goblin armies, does it make it that much harder to move them across the field in a tactical manner, especially considering the randomness of animosity?

    Lastly, Vampire counts also seem likely another horde type of army, and most of their magic seems to be single-mindedly focused on raising up more skeletons and ghouls. Lastly, the vampire counts look like their models would be the least fun to paint.

    At the Games Workshop store nearby where I would typically play, the top played army is the Dark Elves, and there seems to be a decent balance of the rest of the armies, with nobody playing Orcs & Goblins at the moment.

    I guess in the end, what I'm asking is out of these three, which do you think I would have the most fun overall with? Painting and gaming are both part of the hobby, and I guess it'd be helpful to look at the pros and cons of both aspects. Thanks!

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    I'm a relatively new player too, so my insight is not probably what you're expecting

    From the painting perspective, I think it depends on whether you'd like to have A LOT of models that can be fun to paint but very tiresome to complete due to the numbers (O&G), or few models that can be personalized and also look cool on the table (WoC). I cannot really say that the VC are "not fun" to paint since I haven't had the chance to examine them in depth (no one is playing them here )

    From the gaming perspective, I think that if you are going to take a "powergamer" route, you should re-consider taking O&G as your primary army. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there's A LOT of people here in this forums that can win consistently with O&G, but from what I've read, most "powergamers" don't like the animosity rule

    On the other hand, you can have A LOT of fun with the unpredictability of the O&G army. Some people may argue with me on this point (with valid arguments), but believe me: even when you lose, it's fun

    No matter what you choose, I think this game is great fun and you will not be disappointed by any one of your choices.

    Best regards.

    p.S.: the forum went crazy with this post...
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    Alright, I will start by saying this- for a reasonable army, you should look to be spending about $100-$200 for every 1,000pts you want in the army. That's just my rough estimate. My empire army runs at 2K and cost me about $300, whereas my elves are at 3K and cost me $500. The more "hordey" armies will often end up on the higher end of the spectrum, because they have cheaper characters and warmachines (troop costs are largely irrelevant).

    I play all three of the armies you mention. My O&G are made of 3 of the BfSP boxes that you have. What army you play will largely depend on what you want from the experience.

    The VC could easily be the most expensive army of the three, because some of the spells and abilities that make them so great, can potentially raise more models than you started with. I started a game once with 30 skeletons as core, and ended the game with 60 skeletons on the board, and 30 zombies as well. They are a very competitive army, I've taken the upper quarter of the tourney with them every time i've played. For tactics and individuality though, it's all down to the characters. Three major types of list exist: Gravegaurd center, Blood Knight Center, and Horde. Those are just about the extent of your options, although characters are WILDLY variable, since they can have "powers" in addition to their "magic items", giving even heroes a 100pt customization allotment.

    WoC are the second competitive army that you've listed. They are absolutely a straightforward "bash-em-up" kind of army, where every warrior is an island of armored hate, in a sea of lesser foes. A basic Chaos Warrior in combat has the same number of attacks as most unit champions, and the same armor save as most Heavy Cavalry. They don't run off easily, but they do pay for their expertise. The nice thing about it though, is how incredibly cheaply you can build an army. I spent about $200 on my force and i can field a mediocre 2,500pt army, or a great 2K army. One thing you will notice about the Chaos armies, is that they are very magical. They can elect to toss unholy numbers of powerdice at a foe if they so choose. Also, they boast some of the absolute meanest cavalry in the game, and can take a competent All Cavalry army with ease.

    O&G are the "fun" army on your list. They are capable of holding their own in a friendly game, but in competition, they just aren't "reliable" enough to handle the higher level stratedy involved. They suffer low LD and armor, and they are well behind the "power creep". I love watching or playing games involving orcs however, because they are always entertaining. The other armies are thinking armies, who are resolute and follow orders as expected, and become "machines" and sledgehammers on the field. Orcs on the other hand are great fun because while you need tactics to win the day, you can never prepare for that random Squig munching your own men, or that Fanatic careening across the field to pulverise the enemy general. I liken them to a handgrenade. You can be fairly accurate with where you throw it, but after that you just never know how it'll turn out. They're going to cost a little bit more, because you need to buy so many models and your warmachines are all right around 60pts, whereas most cost nearly twice that.
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